Wednesday, February 9, 2011

1971 Austin America - Keep It Fossil Fuel Powered

I've written about my love of BMC's ADO16 cars ad nauseum. I'll keep it to myself for this post.

The seller of this car bought it with the intention of turning it into an electric car. He's now out of work, facing foreclosure and needs to sell it.

The car is missing its engine (not a big deal, the 1275cc engine is very common), but appears to be remarkably solid.

Here's your chance to do two good things with one purchase... 1) You'll be helping the seller recoup a bit of his investment in this car and 2) You'll be saving a very cool car from becoming an electric toy.

Located in Warren, MI, click here to see the eBay listing.

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rrshadow2 said...

These are great cars if you can find one of about 5 they sold here with manual transmission. Almost all of them were Automatics, they were aimed at housewives as a second car, but that Auto Box was HORRIBLE! They never lasted for long and it's hard to find one that still goes forwards and backwords Today. As far as an Engine/gearbox combination, you could steal one out of a Mini but Mini owners would lynch you! I know this because I did it! Luckily I lived to tell about it