Wednesday, February 9, 2011

1984 Lada 2105

Another Lada in the US...

Based on the Fiat 124, the 2015 has that cool old boxy Italian sedan look to it.

The 2105's initial build quality was less then great, but throughout Europe (including Western Europe, where quite a few of these were sold) they earned a reputation for being durable cars that would last a long time with routine maintenance.

This car is in overall good condition. It's only flaw seems to be some rust starting on the front fender and the rocker panels. It's not bad (Lada used a thicker steel than Fiat) and most likely isolated.

Located in Lemoyne, PA, click here to see the eBay listing.

If you're interested in buying this, or any Lada, check out It's a website dedicated to North American Ladas. It has a very active forum.


Boris Segalis said...

We had one of these when I lived in Latvia... bought new in 1984. These cars are very prone to rust and this one is no exception. They can be pretty reliable with regular maintenance, but the engine on any Lada requires a total rebuild every 60K miles, even with regular maintenance. Also, the seller's suggestion that you can drive 100 MPH in this car is a joke. The max speed for this car is about 140-150 KPH, but 75 MPH is really the limit for cruising speed. It will take about 20 seconds from 0 to 100 KPH. This particular example has faded paint, incorrect headlights and tons of rust with much much more underneath. Also, keep in mind these cars are available a dime a dozen in Europe in much better condition. The claim that LADAs were popular is like saying that Yugos were popular in the U.S. There were just super cheap and poor people or people with no alternatives bought them. You had to wait years in line to get one of these new in the USSR. The factory could not satisfy domestic demand, but exported the cars overseas to earn hard currency for the ruling elites, including the KGB.

rrshadow2 said...

I wouldn't mind having it, it would be the Second Lada Sedan to occupy my driveway right now. My White car is an Automatic and is pristine, I AM looking for another one with a Manual transmission, but this Red car is both too far away and too expensive for me to want to bother with