Tuesday, February 1, 2011

1994 Alfa Romeo 155 Q4 - So Close, So Out of Reach...

This is a big tease for those of us who live in the US. Canada's laws allow you to privately import cars that are 15 years old or older. Here in the US, it's 25 years.

The 155 replaced the Alfa 75 (Milano) in Alfa's lineup. The basic 155 is a medium size, FWD sedan. It was available with a variety of 4 cylinder engines and Alfa's brilliant 2.5 liter 6.

This car is not a basic 155, however. It's a 155 Q4. The 155 Q4 has a 2.0 liter turbocharged engine and permanent four-wheel drive. The engine was sourced from the Lancia Delta Integrale.

This is a quick, fine handling car. 60 MPH comes in 6.7 seconds. That's a full 1.1 seconds quicker than a 1998 Audi A4 1.8T Quattro (the closest year I could find 0 -60 times for). It has a limited top speed of 140 MPH.

I really like the looks of this car. It's a bit angular, like the 75 it replaced, but with round (for lack of a better word) edges. The interior is a little bland for an Alfa, but it's all business. The gauges sit right in front of the driver and the radio and heater controls are angled slightly towards the driver. The seats are Recaros.

This car was imported to Canada from Japan. It has 49,000 miles on it. It looks to be close to perfect.

There's very little wrong with this car, other than I can't own it.

The seller states that it might be possible to bring this car into the US through a "show or display" exemption, but I believe there were too many of these made for it to qualify. That means that if you want to own this car in the US, you'll need to bring it in illegally. I know it can be done, but personally, I wouldn't take the risk. I just don't have enough guts to risk losing many thousands of dollars and the car.

There are days when I think about moving to Canada... just for the cars.

Located in Victoria, BC, Canada, click here to see the eBay listing. There are only 6 pictures in the listing, but the seller provides a link to a Picasa page with 35 pictures.


Maxichamp said...

What an interesting job it would be to have a basement cubicle at the Department of Transportation and examine every "show or display" application. There is a list on the web (in pdf) of specific cars that were allowed under the exemption and it's fascinating-- and very subjective.

Hansjorg said...

Fantastic car.
Have the friendly Canadian seller meet you in Bellingham, WA and then:

http://www.getnewtitle.com/ OR

AFAIK Progressive will insure it.


dave said...

listing removed?

Cona. said...

Man... I saw this add too! I was so excited and was really considering buying this. It is so cool looking and a great car. Reading this upsets me a little. I feel your pain. But hey, at least I read this before wasting that money and not getting to drive it! thanks for the article.