Friday, February 4, 2011

A Collection of British Car Parts in Ohio

From the Craigslist ad...

"I have collected too many projects over the last few years and project cars usually involve an extra parts car or two. I would like to make available parts that are extra to my plans. My prices are intended to be reasonable and lower than what you would expect on E-Bay. When you send me your e-mail address via the Craigslist ad, I will send you a file with four pages of parts listings. Let me know if I have anything you need and I'll respond with a ballpark price. If you are interested I'll send pictures or arrange for a visit."

Located in "Dublin, Plain City", OH, click here to see the ad.

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Looking for parts Ohio said...

Hello, like your site, if you have any extra parts you can post them on, no charge at all to post.

Thanks, Will