Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Medallion Finds A Home

Remember the Renault Medallion I posted earlier in the week? It was a bargain at $650.00.

Not too surprisingly, it found a home pretty quickly. The buyer, Angel, posted his experience in the "comments" section. I don't know how many people read the comments section of older posts, so I decided to post part of it here for everyone to see...

Hey guys...I'm the new owner of grandma's Medallion. I found it in the Central Jersy Craigslist. Ive recently been in the market for a cheap and fuel efficient commuter. This one seemed to fit the bill. After talking to the seller by phone, I took a 25 minute ride over to check it out...After a few jokes, I agreed that it fit the bill, so I bought it from the autoshop owner who was selling it for the old lady. Just took it for a test ride. It needed a battery which I've already installed and seems to have an issue with either the brake booster or vacuum to the booster. Car is surprisingly clean for it being 23 years old. Gonna need some tires and a good vacuuming, but considering I'm getting at best 15 mpg on my Tahoe, it should pay itself off within a few months (so long as it stays together). With 51000 on the clock, I'm hopeful.

It's cool to see that the car found a new home. It's also cool to see that the Craigslist ad was accurate and the sellers were honest, stand up guys.

Nice buy, Angel. Good luck with it and keep us posted!


Blair Russell said...

Awesome, I'm glad it found a home. Hopefully it doesn't turn out to be a lemon.

Anonymous said...

this is a US version of the Renault 21.