Friday, March 18, 2011

1966 Citroen Ami 6 Break

A little while ago I posted a group of interesting European cars being offered by someone in Chicago. (You can find the post here.)

This is another car from the same collection.

I've always admired old Citroens for their incredible engineering and offbeat looks. However, the Ami sedan, in my opinion, went beyond offbeat and straight into ugly. The backwards sloping rear window with its little overhang was just something I just found completely unappealing.

The station wagon (or "Break", as it was called by Citroen), while no beauty, is a lot easier to look at.

The Ami is, for all intents and purposes, an upscale 2CV. It came with a 602 cc two-cylinder. Top speed was somewhere around 60 MPH and it took around 30 seconds to get there.

The suspension was the same suspension found on the 2CV. It's a very unique system that gives the car an incredible ride and some interesting handling characteristics, as you can see in the photo below. (I wrote a post about an Ami back in October, 2009. In that post is a link to a site with a picture of the suspension. You can find the post here.)

(Photo courtesy of The Truth About Cars.)

Like the seller's earlier eBay listings, this one has virtually no information and some not-so-great pictures. There is a phone number you can call for more info.

Located in Chicago, IL, click here to see the eBay listing.


Romain said...

How can you praise old Citro├źns for their offbeat look and find the Ami Sedan unappealing? ^^ It's probably the pinnacle of offbeat look for a car! (though I admit they went a bit far)

Anonymous said...

this car was sold already its been relisted no idea why

Jon said...

The side profile of the AMI 6 four door sedan is a sight to behold...