Saturday, March 26, 2011

1968 Simca 1200S

This is such a great looking car.

The Simca 1200S coupé started life as the 1000 coupé. The body was designed by Giorgio Giugiaro, who was with Bertone at the time. The car was built by Bertone in Italy and transported to the Simca factory in France where it was put together.

The 1200s coupé is an updated version of the 1000 coupé. The 1200 had 1204cc, 80 HP engine.

The radiator in the 1000 was in the rear, but Simca moved it up front when they created the 1200. That required it to have a grille. That grille, and the set of driving lights mounted within it, improved the look of the front of the car dramatically.

This car was restored in the 1980's and still looks to be in very good condition. Originally, these cars came with two twin choke Solex carburetors. This car now has a set of Weber DCOE 40s on it. With the Solex carbs the engine put out about 80 BHP. The seller claims this car has around 125 HP. While the Webers will add a little more HP, 125 seems very high. Either more work was done to the engine or that figure is optimistic.

This would be a great car to own. Being rare in the US and very attractive, it would draw attention anywhere you took it.

Located in Rimbo, Sweden, click here to see the eBay listing.

The pictures in the eBay ad are mostly close ups. Click here to find a site that has some better pictures of a 1200S.


Chris Keen said...

Beautiful car. Why am I getting a BMW vibe, esp. from that rear 3/4 pic? Are those chromed E21 3-series wheels?

Mike P said...

I'm getting a Ferrari vibe off of this one... Maybe a little 330 GTC or even 365 GT 2+2? Either way, a beauty.

Matt Cotton said...

A real sensation, and a real sports car, rather than the sporty Coupe 1000 that it replaced. There are a SMALL handful in the United States, Chrysler itself stopped importing the Coupe 1000 after 1967.
The 1200S engine was the "new" style, every Simca engine to follow was based on it. At 1204cc, it is why Chrysler used the name 1204 when it imported the 1100 in 1969. Of course, the engine was detuned to 62hp for that car. Here you can see a sort of chronology of the Coupe 1000 and the 1200S. Pity it was effectively replaced by the Matra-Simca Bagheera in 1973.

Best Regards,
Matt Cotton
Lake Parsippany, NJ

Jason said...

Great looking car!

You scooped Bring A Trailer! They're on it today.