Thursday, March 3, 2011

1974 MGB GT

It took awhile for me to appreciate the MGB GT.

Many years ago I had an MGB. It was a fun summer car. I was younger and appreciated the wind in my hair and the sun in my face. The noise, lack of luggage space and the roof that dripped in the rain (just to the left of my crotch) didn't bother me. It was part of the "charm". I would see someone in an MGB GT and wonder why in the world they would drive an MG with a steel roof.

Then one day I grew up (sort of). I realized that at a certain age having disheveled hair doesn't make you look cool, it makes you look psychotic. I learned that too much sun can eventually kill you. I began to figure out that not everyone believed me when I said that the softball sized wet spot on my left thigh was from a leaky convertible top.

I also began to like the idea of being able to have a conversation at a normal decibel level with the person sitting next to me. I started to like the idea of having enough luggage space for two overnight bags, just in case I wanted to go away for the weekend with the person sitting next to me.

I began to really like the MGB GT.

The MGB GT was designed by Pininfarina. From the bumper to the A-pillar, the MGB GT is pure MGB. At the A-pillar Pininifarina enlarged the windshield and raked it back a bit. They then added the steel hatchback roof. From every angle it's a nice looking car.

Inside, the dashboard is the same as the MGB. Behind the front seats is a little flat-folding rear seat. It is roomy enough for you to bring your dog on a trip, but not really human inhabitable. Behind the rear seat (and on top of it, if you fold it down) is a surprising amount of cargo space.

With the steel roof, the MGB GT weighs a couple of hundred pounds more than the roadster. Even with that extra weight, it's slightly faster than the MGB because of its better aerodynamics. The steel top also stiffened chassis (which was already very good, especially for a convertible) and the car handles better than the roadster.

This MGB GT is in very, very nice condition. The seller has owned it for 32 years. He bought it from the original owner. It was repainted and the interior was redone in 2007. The seller calls it "meticulously cared for and ready to rock".

MGs are not as fragile as many other older sports cars. Parts are plentiful and not overly expensive. If you don't like working on your car yourself, there are still plenty of mechanics around who specialize in British cars. All-in-all, an MGB GT is a very easy classic to own.

If I ever buy another MG, it will be an MGB GT.

Located in "North San Diego, Fallbrook", CA, click here to see the eBay listing.

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Mike P said...

A friend of my older brother had on of these back in the 70's and I always thought that it was the neatest car. Something about the shape really tripped my teen-aged mind. I never realized that it was a Pininfarina design, that explains it.