Thursday, March 17, 2011

1986 BMW 535i - A Very Nice Car, A Well Done Ad

This is a very nice car with a very good Craigslist ad.

I've always liked the looks of the E28 5 Series. It's boxy and purposeful, but sporty at the same time. They're fast, handle well and are very comfortable. With routine maintenance, they will run forever.

This is a very, very nice E28. It's been what I would call "modestly modified". It's been lowered slightly, has Bilstien Sport shocks all around and E32 brakes up front. It has 16x8.5 Hartge rims, a 535IS front air dam and rear spoiler and a sport tuned exhaust.

While the car itself has 196,000 miles on it, the seller says the engine is from a 1988 535i and has just 75,000 miles on it. According to the seller, the only work the car needs is a new heater core. It has a 5 speed transmission.

The body looks like it's in very nice condition. The front spoiler has a few scrapes (almost all of them do, I wouldn't even bother fixing it) and there is a small parking lot ding on the front left fender. I can't see any rust or other damage.

Included in the sale is a Hartge M30(H5S) head with 300 degree cam, but only if you want it...

The asking price is a reasonable $3800.00. However, if you don't want the Hartge wheels, the seller will take $1000.00 off the price. If you don't want the Hartge head, he will take another $400.00 off the price. If that stuff means little to you, you could be driving this car for $2400.00. Me? I'd leave the wheels and take the head.

The Craigslist listing is really well done. It's easy to read, gives you the information you need, has a link to a comprehensive Photobucket album, and the seller leaves his phone number.

Located in Carmel, CA, click here to see the listing.


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Wrong link to the ad, apparently. This appears to be it:

Just A Car Geek said...

Oops. I've corrected it. Thanks!