Tuesday, March 29, 2011

1992 Alfa Romeo 164 - Could Be A Bargain...

It's always risky buying a car like an Alfa Romeo from a dealer who doesn't specialize in unusual cars. Does he really know anything about the car? It most likely came from an auction. Why was it there and why didn't dealers who do specialize in unusual cars buy it?

Anyway, having said that, if you live in the Chicago area and are looking for a pretty cool daily driver, it may be worth checking out this Alfa .

This car has 109,000 miles on it. It has an automatic transmission, which will turn off a lot of people. The seller says it needs "couple things on (the) body", but I don't see anything too serious in the pictures.

The asking price is $2400.00. But who knows? He's a dealer and he needs to turn inventory. Make him a reasonable offer and you may drive away in a cool Alfa 164.

Located at Windy Auto in Chicago, IL, click here to see their ad.


enmotors said...

I went to inspect the car today. It’s either a total beater/daily driver or one step ahead of a parts car. It has three separate colors of red with the right rear door almost a pink hue. Almost all of the clear coat has peeled off the top surfaces of the car. That being said, not a ton of rust for a 20 year old Chicago car. Rt quarter has a 3” section. Left quarter has no rust showing, but loaded with filler. Both rockers are covered by the plastic rocker moldings and when I kicked them, rust fell to the ground from what lies beneath.

The truck lid has holes drilled for the spoiler, but the spoiler is gone. There are lots of short cuts on the exterior. Both side markers are from a different type of vehicle and drilled in with wood screws. A couple of other moldings are drilled in with wood screws. Both bumpers have areas that are cracked with plastic missing.

The interior is actually in pretty good shape. Everything is there and it shows well. Grey cloth.

No owners present at the lot, so I didn’t start it up. It’s more of a project than I would ever consider at this time. The price really is indicative of the poor condition

skonieczki said...

My buddy inherited one of these. It wasn't an "s", but it was a manual trans. It had about 60K miles on it. He put a little work into it because it had been sitting. About a month into his ownership the inside of the motor detonated. I think the timing chain tensioner failed. Prohibitively expensive to fix, that was the end of it...