Tuesday, March 1, 2011

2011 Larz Anderson Auto Museum Schedule of Events

The Larz Anderson Auto Museum (aka Larz Anderson Museum of Transportation) has published their 2011 schedule of lawn events.

If you live in New England or will find yourself in the Boston area this summer, be sure to check out some of these events and the museum itself...

5/15/11 - Cadillac Day
6/5/11 - GreenFest
6/12/11 - Corvette Day
6/19/11 - German Car Day
6/26/11 - British Car Day
7/9/11 - Micro Mini Car Day
7/10/11 - Miata Day
7/24/11 - Great American Car Show
7/31/11 - Day of Triumph
8/7/11 - Tutto Italiano
8/13/11 - MG Rover Day
8/14/11 - Japanese Car Day
8/21/11 - Ford Lincoln Mercury Day
8/28/11 - Swedish Car Day
9/10/11 - PorscheFest
9/11/11 - European Motorcycle Day
9/24/11 - Bicycle Day
9/25/11 - Mercedes Day
10/2/11 - Partsfest 2011
10/9/11 - VW Day/Transporterfest
10/16/11 - Jeep & Truck Day
10/22/11 - Extinct Car Day
10/23/11 - Studebaker Day

You can find the Larz Anderson Auto Museum website here.

See you there!


Matt Cotton said...

An obvious slap in the face of French cars... there isn't even an "all Europe" day we can visit. And, don't say, "you can go with the Italians, no one will even notice"!

Chris Keen said...

I used to work there and as a result, attended/worked many of the shows. Tutto Italiano was probably their biggest. I know there's been some staff turnover since it opened, but I'm sure they'd be open to adding a French car show... there are some in the permanent collection, including a Renault town car.