Sunday, March 13, 2011

Anybody Know What This Is?

My friend Jeff has been in Florida for the past month or so. This morning he e-mailed me this photo.

I'm really curious about the hardtop.

The car is a Sunbeam. It's not a Harrington. (Or it's not like any Harrington I've ever seen.) The top looks like an aftermarket hardtop. I have no idea if it's steel or fiberglass. It looks like it's well made. There is even a "Mini style" opening for the trunk. (Jeff volunteered to go back and ask a few questions, but by the time he got back to where the car was, it was gone.)

Does anybody know what this is and who made it? There's no prize here, I'm just really curious.

I owned a few Sunbeams and used to attend many of the Alpines East / Tigers East shows. I don't remember ever seeing anything that looked like this. It's kind of cool looking.


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I think Tom found it...

I would have to go with his link concerning the AHRA Tiger. That is pretty darn close, down to the number of slats on the pillar. The article says it was sponsored by Larry Reed Sportscars and driven by Gordon Chittenden. I also found an article in Hemmings regarding another Reed/Chittenden car, this one a more conventional coupe. The graphics are the same as on the car in Tom's link.

In any case, I think it's a drag racing car.

I found a lot bt simply typing AHRA Sunbeam Tiger. I read elsewhere that in 1965 Stan Peterson won the NHRA Class C World Championship in a modified Tiger.

I found the entry below on the H.A.M.B. of Jalopy Journal.

"Hello. My father recently purchased the AHRA Champion Sunbeam Tiger and I am researching it for him. It was sponsored by Larry Reed Sportscars and driven by Gordon Chittenden. It was tuned at Performance Associates and raced at Lions and other LA area tracks in 1965 and 1966. If anyone has any pictures or information on the car please let me know."

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Was too quick on the trigger with the Ashley suggestion.

I believe it is an Astro GT fiberglass roof. To wit:

This one nails it pretty well for ID:


Apparently they made this item for other vehicles - here's one on a Fairlady:

Jon said...

Anonymous for the win!

Triple bonus points for the original ad!

Maxichamp said...

The yellow one is my buddy's dad's Tiger.