Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Car In The Bubble - 1994 Ford Mustang Indy Pace Car Replica With 6 Miles...

A low mileage example of a limited edition car is not all that uncommon. People buy them and, knowing they have something special, use them sparingly, hoping preserve them for their own enjoyment and / or for a profit sometime in the future.

I've seen a few of these cars with very low mileage. I've never seen one like this, though.

This car has 6 miles on it. Six miles. Delivery mileage. It has never been registered. It has never been dealer prepped. It has never been driven. It has spent most of its life in a bubble.

The Mustang Cobra was the pace car for the 1994 Indianapolis 500. Ford built 1000 pace car replicas to celebrate the event. For 1994 it was the only Cobra convertible available. All were painted "Rio Red" and had tan tops and tan leather interiors. The pace car stickers along the side of the car were installed at the dealerships.

This car doesn't look like new, it is new. Having never been dealer prepped, all the delivery plastic and stickers are still in place. The steering wheel is still in shrink wrap.

If you missed out on buying one of these new in 1994, this is most likely your one and only second chance.

Located in Monroe, NC, click here to see the eBay listing.


Lucius Quinctius said...

Mustangs have always been something of a mystery for me, this one profoundly so.

Blair Russell said...

Hey, to each their own. If Mustangs aren't your thing, no one should complain. Personally, some of the generations I dig, and the others less so. I mean, this '94 was the start of the 4th generation, and I'm not the biggest fans of those, at least in terms of looks. However, I'm sure the Cobra version would be fun to drive.

But, a car with that sort of mileage is probably best left to museums and collections.

Jon said...

Hey! Random thoughts...

1. You beat me with the "Boy In The Bubble" reference right off the bat. Travolta was squarely in Oscar territory with that film.

2. I'll bet there were vast amounts of pre millenium air still contained in this "time capsule" vehicle when they removed the bubble for the photos. Air that old must have aged like a fine wine. I'm thinking the first inhale must have gone down as smooth as cognac, therefore justifying the near $40K price of admission.

3. I'm sure 240 horsepower as measured by ultra conservative 1994 standards is like 580 horsepower these days.

4. JACG wrote "I've seen a few of these cars with very low mileage. I've never seen one like this, though."

I know what you mean Geek, and I'm not easily fooled. As they say, "Let the buyer beware."

I saw SVT #522 up for sale with 9429 miles for $27,995. I saw #761 with 3,400 miles for $29,000.

You really don't know what you are getting into with these high mileage examples. The wear and tear alone puts these SVT Mustangs into "beater" territory. Don't bother bringing along a garage mechanic if you choose to inspect these "bargains," call one of those folks from CSI. They can spot fingerprint wear and tear better than anyone. Remember, these cars were actually driven "outside" on roads, so caveat emptor. I'll bet the plastic covering is missing from the seats.

5. Here is some ad copy from Orlando Classic cars regarding another SVT with 8 miles on the clock:

"This is #485 of 1,000 built. Stored since new and still in the factory wrapper! Possibly the lowest mile example in existence. All 1000 cars were indentical. Red with tan leather and fully loaded. This one still has the plastic wrappings on the interior. The mats are in the trunk along with the convertible top boot cover. Museum quality!"

While they have #485 listed for $30,000, you have to keep in mind that this is a higher mileage car than the one found on eBay.

The claim of "Possibly the lowest mile example in existence" is in "pants on fire" territory. You might want to bring a lawyer along if you choose to inspect this example. Hey, if you want to simply save $7000, you have to assume the risk. A lot of terrible and unforeseen things could have occured in that two mile difference.

Elsewhere, I saw a bunch of 1994 SVT Mustang Pace Cars advertised with between 20K and 30K miles. These cars are in the $20K range, pricewise.

Seasoned buyers know these cars represent risky investments for the uninitiated. Their experience allows them to see immediately through the slick Nigerian style ad copy regarding "enjoyment." Such buyers can decipher the complicated series of numbers found on the odometer and quickly figure out that these cars appear to have been driven. Even worse, they may have been possibly waxed at some point. Therefore, such examples are to be avoided at all costs. They really should be seen as "parts cars."