Thursday, March 10, 2011

A Really Nice 1986 Jaguar XJ6

There is just something about the Series III XJ6 that really appeals to me.

The Series III was the last version of the original XJ6, which was first sold in 1968. Introduced in 1979, the Series III XJ6's had a body that was freshened by Pininfarina. Pininfarina somehow managed to keep the classic look of the original Series I car, but made it look modern at the same time. In my eyes, it's a masterpiece.

The interior still had an "old world" look to it with lots of leather and beautiful wood. The instruments were big round gauges set right in front of the driver.

The Series III XJ6 came with Jaguar's 4.2 liter I6. It's a smooth, relatively powerful engine that, if maintained, is very reliable. Unfortunately, the XJ6 only came with an automatic transmission in the US.

Jaguar's build quality improved tremendously with the Series III. At one point they ranked in the Top 10 in customer satisfaction.

This is a really nice, low mileage XJ6. It's not perfect, but it's close. It has just 31,800 miles on it. The seller says it will need to be painted in a few years, but looks fine now. He's spent a lot of money maintaining it.

British Racing Green is a great color for this car. It goes well with the tan ("Biscuit") interior. Jaguar did a respectable job of integrating the US mandated 5 MPH bumpers, but they still look a bit awkward, especially the rear bumper.

Jaguar parts are expensive, but since Jaguar built over 130,000 of these cars, used parts at discounted prices are still fairly easy to find.

There are easier to maintain sedans you can buy for about the same amount of money that this Jaguar will cost you. None, however, will be as classy as a Series III XJ6.

Located in Peachtree City, GA, click here to see the eBay listing.


Jon said...

Nice classy car. It's too bad the Series III has suffered from the reputation of previous incarnations, but I guess that has kept prices within reach. In addition, this car actually looks like a Jaguar. I suppose I could say the same for the XJ40 series.

I briefly saw one of the "new" XJ models in traffic the other day as it passed me head on. While the front end vaguely looked like a Buick, wait until next year. Certain 2012 Buicks are going to be uncomfortably close in appearance to the XJ.

The rear view of the XJ is terrible and one would be hard pressed to tell you were following a Jaguar. Devoid of chrome, it looks like a bulbous mountain of generic plastic. that could be found on any large car.

All of this really makes me like this Series III even better.

Mike P said...

Looks just like the one sitting in my garage, only mine is a 1985. Alongside it is my wife's 2000 XJ8. I have spent probably way to much time standing around looking at the two, and observing the evolution of the design. That is what I have always loved about Jaguar, their ability to maintain tradition and yet keep it fresh. I know there are legions of automobile writers out there that always say that Jaguars design language had gotten stale, was dated, ect. I have to disagree. And Jon, I have to agree, somewhat, with your statement concerning the new XJ. There are elements of it that I like, yet some of it is a little to much, mainly the rear end and the back glass. And considering that it wasn't that long ago that Buick used the tagline "The new Buick is the blueprint for the next Jag", you've got to wonder which came first... And just in case you haven't seen this,
The Top Gear blokes have an interesting take on the new Jaaaag.

Jon said...

Hey Mike,

I saw a couple of the Top Gear vids last night, and they were great as usual. I laughed at their remarks concerning "Jaaaaaag" owners. I think the also pointed out an "alternative" design for the model as well. One of the vids had Clarkson doing some late night coast to coast driving in the new XJ. He seemed to like it.

True story: Waaaaaaay back in the day, a local doctor bought an early Series I XJ. He was a rather serious guy, and some mistook this for arrogance. Unfortunately he was branded as being one of those "Jhaaaaaaaaag" types. To make a long story short, a new car wash was built in town, and all hell broke loose when the XJ went through it. Apparently the seals around the windows had prematurely rotted, and the high pressure nozzles sprayed quite a bit of water inside the car. He was furious. Quite a few folks got a chuckle out of that.

I really like the side view of the new Jag, and even the front isn't soooo bad. It's the trunk view that gets me. I guess I miss the chrome trim. The model I saw had pale yellow (or tan) bodywork. This did not appear to help matters at all. Regarding the Buick comparison, I saw a 2012 Regal which bore an uncanny resemblance to the new XJ.

Rafael said...

its gorgeous this car. i just bought one, but im rebuilding it, was in really bad shape. although the engine was good, the outside has a looooottt of rust.