Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Renault (or IKA) Torino - If This Ad Is Legit This Could Be A Great Bargain...

Whoa! I hope this is a real ad. It seems a little too good to be true. The "scam detector" is beeping like crazy here, but you never know...

This is either a IKA (Industrias Kaiser Argentina) Torino or Renault Torino. (IKA became Renault Argentina in 1977.)

Essentially it's a Rambler American built under license by Kaiser. The front and rear body panels, bumpers and interior are significantly different from the Rambler. The redesign was done by Pininfarina.

The drivetrain was a bit of a hybrid. The engine was a Jeep "Tornado" I6, which was fed by Weber carbs. The gearbox came from ZF.

These cars sold well in Argentina and were often raced very successfully.

These are very cool cars and not often seen in the US.

The ad is sketchy. The car may be in South Florida, or it may be in California. The asking price of $499.00 seems insanely low. Who knows? Maybe the ad is legit and this is a genuine bargain. If you live in South Florida or California, it's worth sending an e-mail, I guess.

Click here to see the Craigslist ad.

Follow this link to see pictures of various IKA / Renault Torinos.

Click here to see a pretty good Wikipedia article about the Torino.


Anonymous said...

If the car is "real" the photos are from 2 different points in time. Note the different wheels, the lack of bumpers, lower trim, and air dam in the second picture.

It would be hilariously fun to own...


Max Power said...

I love the IKA Renault Torino..such a fantastic mash up of different companies. In general, I am always facinated by the South American auto industry and their home only versions of various cars.