Wednesday, April 20, 2011

1974 Cadillac Eldorado Station Wagon

I'm not suggesting that anyone run out and buy this car, I'm just pointing it out...

A number of coachbuilding companies created Cadillac station wagons back in the 1960s and 1970s. Many were based on Fleetwoods or DeVilles and wound up looking like hearses.

This one is based on an Eldorado and looks nothing like a hearse.

My first thought upon seeing this car was, "Holy crap! That's an incredibly ugly car!" Then I started to imagine it without the vinyl roof, painted a darker green and minus the whitewalls. All of a sudden it went from "incredibly ugly" to just plain ugly... Unique, strangely cool, but ugly.

This car has been mentioned on a number of forums over the years, but I can't find any reference as to who built it. Whoever built it did a nice job. The little jump seat in the back is a nice touch. The roof blends nicely into the body, although the fake spare tire bump looks ridiculous. It looks like the tailgate is one piece and, if it's metal, probably weighs a ton.

I wouldn't spend $16K for this car, but I hope someone nearby does. I'd love to check it out in person.

Located at Frank Corrente Cadillac Corner, click here to see the ad.

While doing a bit of research on this car - or at least trying to - I stumbled on a Flickr site belonging to someone calling himself "That Hartford Guy". He has a number of pictures of this car in his album along with what looks like an ad for it when new. You can find it here.

A big thanks for JaCG reader, Marc W, for sending me the link to this car!


Anonymous said...

The tailgate (sans hump) and rear side windows, and likely the roof, are from a 73-7 GM A-body wagon, probably a Chevelle Malibu.

I loves me some 2-door wagon (think 64-5 Chevelle) but this is ass-ugly.

Anonymous said...

I agree,this thing is simply ugly.

enmotors said...

It could be worst:

Jon said...

ENMTRS - Thanks for the link to the 1979 Eldorado station wagon.

I've never seen anyone tackle that body style before!

Graham Clayton said...

Glen Campbell gave his wife Billie this Cadillac Eldorado station wagon for Christmas of 1973.

Unknown said...

Saw this car yesterday(8/18/19) at Porto's in Burbank, Ca., looks amazing in person...and BIG !!!

Animal Guy said...

This car was built by a company in Roseville Michigan called Wisco. I think they built about 6 or 7 of them. They were sold at Cadillac dealers as a new car with a full warrantee. I see this particular car cruising around Burbank CA. I did happen to see it last night at Bob's Big Boy.