Tuesday, April 12, 2011

1979 Left Hand Drive Austin Allegro

By most accounts, this car is one of the worst cars to ever come from British Leyland.

Who cares? This is a car you never see in the US and one I'd love to own.

The Allegro was the replacement for the ADO16 line of cars. (Sold here as the Austin America and MG 1100.) It has the venerable "A Series" 1300 engine in it. It's not very quick, but it's economical. The suspension is BL's "Hydragas system", which is derived from the ADO16's "Hydrolastic" suspension. The ride is said to be very, very good for a small car. On paper it had a lot going for it and the Allegro initially sold very well.

The Allego's problems are well documented. But, like many old, problematic cars, the owners have figured out how to cure or prevent the most serious issues.

One big issue with the Allegro was its propensity to rust. The seller vaguely says that it will need bodywork to be a show car, but doesn't elaborate. Since I can't see any major body damage, I have to assume he means that it has some rust.

Even though it's in Great Britain, this would be a neat car to buy and import to the US. It's left hand drive. It's the first left-hand drive Allego I have ever seen. (Admittedly, I don't spend a lot of time looking for Allegros.) The opening bid is $1000.00. That would be considered a lot for an old Allegro, but it you take into account that it's LHD, it's fairly reasonable.

Located in London, UK, click here to see the eBay listing.

Below is an amusing Top Gear comparison of the Allegro and the Austin Marina...

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Max Power said...

Unfortunately it does not have the ealry models Quartic steering wheel...in other words a square steering wheel with rounded edges.

Better yet, you could always get an Innocenti Regent which was the Italian version of the Allegro built under license in Italy for only two years (Allegro - England, Regent - Italy...yeah, that makes sense). And since Italy does drive on the right, Regents all have the controls on the left.

rrshadow2 said...

I had a 78 Allegro Estate right here in Seattle Washington USA, it was the first of many cars I had shipped over from England, I sold it several years ago but it's still in the area and was in pretty amazing condition considering I paid less than $400 for it at the time

Ripituc said...

They were sold in Chile, so some LHD have to be around here... I have only seen one, ever!, though.