Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Sporadic Posts For The Next Week

For the next week or so the posts may be a little shorter than usual and a little sporadic. I'm moving my business into a new space at the end of the month (This Saturday).

Here's a little bit about me (I'm demystifying myself here)... I own a record store. Yep, a real live, still surviving, record store. I've owned it for 28 years. It's pretty much all I've ever done. In the 1990s I spent a 6 years as Program Director and afternoon drive guy at a commercial radio station. In 2004 and 2005 I had a small record label, but that went bust after Tower Records went bankrupt and stuck me for a bunch of money. (Thank you, Russ Solomon.) But, even while doing those two things, I kept my record store.

In the late 1980s it became a CD store, records were passe. But, much to my utter amazement, records, actual vinyl records, started to make a comeback 5 or 6 years ago. They now account for 75% of my business.

I've never been involved the the automobile business.

So why am I telling you this? First of all, as the popularity of this blog grows, I'm getting a lot of e-mails asking me if I make money off the cars I write about. I don't. I've also been asked to write about a car or two for a fee. I haven't. So far, I haven't made a dime from this blog. (Although if someone wants to buy an ad, there's plenty of space along the side for me to run it.)

Secondly, moving a record store is a monumental task. If you're a over 40, you might remember what it was like to move 100 or so records from house to house or from your home to college and back again. It was work. Those suckers are heavy. Imagine what it's like to move 100 times that amount, along with 1000 or so CDs, fixtures and all the crap I've accumulated in the past 28 years. It's going to take a ton of time. Time that I would usually spend on this blog.

So, while I'll post a few things as I get some time, I thought I'd mention a few "lesser known" (meaning not as well known as Jalopnik or Bring a Trailer, which I assume everyone reads) blogs that I enjoy:

Rusty But Trusty

Tamerlane's Thoughts


(No relation. Just a similar name to mine.)

By The Numbers

1A Auto Blog
(A little tough to navigate, but worth the effort.)

Inzane240 (Chronicles the restoration of a 240Z)

If you haven't read them before, they are well worth checking out. I should be back into the Just a Car Geek "groove" in a week or so.


Maxichamp said...

Good luck with da move. And as Homer SImpson used to remind us: Always lift with your back.

I can only assume that you are using a Citroen H van or some British Leyland monstrosity for your move!

Just A Car Geek said...

Kashgar - I may have to! I came to the realization the other day that I am the only middle-aged man in America who has absolutely no friends with pick-up trucks! How can that be?

I do have a friend with a panel truck, so that's going to be pressed into service.


Unknown said...

I worked for a long time at an independent record store here in Pittsburgh and also for a wholesaler. You appreciate how much albums weigh when you unload multiple pallets in one day - using only a hnad truck. Believe me, i can sympathize with you!


pickles said...

Best of luck with the move and thanks for sharing more about yourself. I think you're THE best read on the web for auto articles with personality. Honestly. RE: record stores- I grew up a half mile away from a legend: Village Music in Mill Valley. Bought my first one there (don't ask what- I was 9) and loved it always. Keep on keeping on!

Blair Russell said...

Hopefully the move goes well. We'll all patiently wait until things return to normal.

I do have to laugh at the thought of some old British vehicle or an H van being used in the big move.

longrooffan said...

Ironically enough, I am going to spend this weekend with a good buddy moving he and his new wife to their new home. He has a bumper sticker on the rear of his '69 Bronco reading "Yes, It's My Truck But I Won't Help You Move". But my Comanche will be pressed into action, I am sure. Don't worry, we will still be here anxiously awaiting your return. Good luck with the move and I hope it is a successful one for you. Now, pics of the H van please?

longrooffan said...

Hey CarGeek, I had to check back in...take a look see at and www.curbsideclassic when you get the chance. I think you will be pleasantly surpried at their offerings.