Monday, May 23, 2011

1972 Renault Estafette

One of these sold on eBay last week for $1,225.00. (See the closed listing here.) The asking price for this one is roughly 13 times that amount. Is it worth it? I have no idea.

Renault built the Estafette from 1959 through through 1980. The body remained basically the same (there were many, many variations on the basic body, including a pick up truck and camper), but engine displacement increased over the years.

This is a front engine / front wheel drive van. It was Renault's first FWD vehicle.

As you would expect from the French, there are plenty of neat little design touches. The rear door is in three sections. The upper part is hinged at the top, and the two lower halves open like regular doors. There is a sliding cargo door on the passenger side and the drivers side door is also a slider.

According to the seller, this Estafette is in very good condition. Unfortunately, he leaves little other info about the vehicle. If an Estafette is high on your list of cars to own and price is no object, it might be worth checking out this one.

Located in Brownsville, TX, click here to see the Craigslist ad.


Blair Russell said...

Now, here's what would have been the perfect vehicle for you to use for your big move recently... if there was one located in Mass. and wasn't so expensive.

Brandon said...

Believe it or not, Hino from Japan (now an affiliate of Toyota and makers of heavy trucks) once built this vehicle under license as the Hino Commerce! There's very little information about this even on the web, and I don't think they were made for long.