Wednesday, May 11, 2011

1973 Toyota Celica

The seller calls this car a 1973 Celica GT "tribute", but really it's a modified Celica that goes way past GT specs.

Although I don't usually find myself drawn to "tributes" or "clones", this one was done really well and I can't help but admire it.

The seller saved this car from being crushed (earning him big points in my eyes) and then went about improving and changing it.

The engine is a DOHC 18R-G engine fed by a pair of Mikuni 40mm side draft carbs. Parts of the suspension and brake system have been upgraded.

Inside the car is a basically stock interior, but with a 4 point bolt-in rollbar added. The dash has no cracks and all the instruments work.

The body has been modified, but with restraint. It looks really nice with its stripes and Panasport wheels. Even the huge spoiler doesn't seem out of place. The bumpers have been rechromed and the seller says the body is rust free.

All-in-all, this is a really well done car that will appeal to Japanese car fans of all ages.

Located in Los Angeles, CA, click here to see the eBay listing.

A big thanks to John for sending me the link to this car!


pickles said...

It seems as if vintage Japanese cars in this condition (and even more original) will be the next respected collectable cars. They're like Renaults 5s- in that they were immensely popular in their day so their appeal is broad, yet very few have survived and fewer escaped a rust. That's a dang foxy Celica.

Anonymous said...

Auction ended- unsold- no surprise

Tony Vergara said...

Yes,I actually had taken it off Ebay as i had a local buyer interested in the car. However while on vacation I kept thinking about all of the time and work in the car not to mention money spent. So having built so many of these cars and then sold them right away. I changed my mind and decided to keep this one. Some of my builds have been in car shows here in the south bay area of Los Angeles. I have seen my builds over the years and the good thing is they are all well cared for. They went to the right people. These cars are increasing in value and there is a huge interest in them. It is fun to go for a drive and folks always staring at the car. When I refuel folks stop and ask "What is that?". So yeah this one I plan to keep. Thanks for the compliment on the car. Much appreciated.