Tuesday, May 24, 2011

1979 MGB V8 Conversion

"This is without any doubt the car MG should have been allowed to build in quantity." Yep. The seller is right about that.

Actually, MG never built a car like this. All the MGB V8s were MGB GTs.

Not that any of that matters here in the US. MG never sent us the V8. Why send a fast, V8 car to a country that is obsessed with fast, V8 cars, right? (The fact that the engine was used in Rovers sent to this country, and therefor already EPA certified, makes that decision even stranger.)

One of the interesting things about an MG V8 (whether it's a factory built car or a conversion) is that it weighs less than the 4 cylinder car. The aluminum V8 weighs around 40 lbs less than the iron 4 cylinder engine. More horsepower, less weight. What's not to like?

The seller doesn't say whether he did the work on this car (or had it done) or whether it was done prior to his ownership, but is looks like it was done right. The engine has a mild cam in it and the gearbox is the ubiquitous T5 5 speed. The brakes and the suspension have been upgraded.

The seller says this car is his "primary driver". He says it's "well taken care of", but "far from perfect". He mentions that he prefers "driving over polishing". (I can relate to that!)

This car may be "far from perfect", but it still looks very good. I'd love to own this car.

Located in Washoe Valley, NV, click here to see the eBay listing.


Dan DiBiase said...

The problem with the MGB V8 was the cost (it would have competed with cars like the Corvette, cost-wise but not performance-wise) and lousy gas mileage (this was the height of the first gas crisis). MG were also discontinuing the importation of the GT around the same time, as sales were negligible and the extra weight really killed the performance of the car, which was down to only about 65 hp at that point. The funny thing is that the rubber-bumper 74.5 GT is a pretty sought-after model these days, as it's so rare in the US.

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Bill said...

The rest of the answer to "why" is the TR8. BL management were from the Triumph camp.

Trevor said...

Is Just a car geek coming back?

m4ff3w said...

I certainly hope so.

Anonymous said...

where's my favorite blogger?

pickles said...

Every morning.. I STILL click here first, before any other of the seemingly zillions of websites I look at every day and still nothing. Sure hope you're ok out there, man. Missing you. Best wishes.

Rick said...

Nearly a month and no posts.....maybe an extended holiday for Mr JaCG?... perhaps sunning himself in the Caribbean?

Anonymous said...

Man, what's going on? Missing the updates!

Maybe he just really liked the V8 MGB.

m4ff3w said...

I emailed Dave the other day, but no reply. I'd call him at his store, but that seems inappropriate.

At least it seems like Dave is doing ok at work, from the Facebook page for the store. Maybe he is just taking a long break after moving the store.

Anonymous said...

Car Geek, if you are out there, cue up a vinyl platter of The Kinks
"Give the People What They Want" and play "Around the Dial".
I think all of your loyal readers feel the same way.