Sunday, May 8, 2011

A Bunch of Cool BMWs...

This gaggle (or herd, or flock, or pride...) of BMWs are being offered by the same person...

1984 BMW E28 Dinan Turbo. The asking price is $12,984.

1987 535is "Art Car" - The seller describes it as a "one-of-a kind hand painted Art Car". He goes on to write, "Love it or hate it, it is a factory 'is', rust-free (with) sport seats." The asking price is $2987.00

1979 528i - This car has a 4 speed manual transmission. It needs an engine. The asking price is $595.00.

1984 BMW 733i Art Car - This is described as "clean, great-driving (and) rust-free." The asking price is $3,484.00.

1984 735i Euro 5 Speed - This car has 348K miles on the original engine. The asking price is $1984.00

1984 Hartge H7S 5 Speed - This is described as a "really rare and cool car". It is both. The asking price is $8984.00

1984 318i Baur TC - Described as a "rust free car with a 5 speed". The asking price is $4884.00.

1984 745i Turbo - This car is desribed as having "lower miles" and "99% rust free". The asking price is $2,984.00.

These cars can be found on Click here to see the post. With each car (except the 745) there is a link to a photo album with a lot of good, clear, pictures.

Personally, I'd take the Baur and the Dinan.

A big thanks to JaCG reader, Cory, (who just sold his Sentra SE-R) for sending me the link to these cars.

Click here to see a very good NY Times slide show of the official BMW Art Cars.


Gavin said...

That Dinan is a peach. Here you can purchase a car that has the traits of a real Bimmer (and a special one, to boot) for 20% of the cost of a brand new 5-series.

Sam said...

Fascinating. A somewhat motley brood, as they seem to all be moderately-to-heavily modified and well traveled. However, the "Art Cars" are really fascinating to me. Are those original commissions? The wiki file lists all major works (, but I don't see these mentioned. Some major artists of the late 20th century made BMW Art Cars (like Andy Warhol!). I don't know much about the Art Cars or how many where made or how it was organized, but, to quote Indiana Jones, they belong in a museum. If they are genuine, that is. Cool either way!

Just A Car Geek said...

I should mention that these cars are not official BMW Art Cars.