Thursday, June 30, 2011

1988 Farus ML-929 - New To Me

Until today I had never seen or heard of a Farus ML-929.

Here's what I found out about it...

The Farus ML-929 is a Brazilian car. It's a mid-engine car made of fiberglass and features a backbone chassis. (Which, I guess, it why the seller says it's like a "Lotus Espree turbo". "Espree" is his spelling, not mine.) Introduced in 1981, they came with engines made by Fiat, VW and Chevy. In 1988, the last year it was produced, it was available with a 2.2 liter Chrysler turbo engine (like the one found in the LeBaron). With the Chrysler engine it could supposedly hit 60 MPH in 7 seconds.

The styling is derivative of virtually every exotic and semi-exotic 1970s / 1980s mid-engine sports car. The nose is all but identical to a Ferrari Dino 308 GT4. Overall it's not a bad looking car, but the space between the B and C Pillars looks awkward. (The convertible pictured in the brochure below looks really nice with the top down.)

The seller of this car leaves very little information and just two pictures of the actual car. He calls it a "serious project". The engine needs to be installed and it obviously needs bodywork (or, at the very least, paint). There is no mention of the condition of the interior or suspension.

I have no idea what these are worth. Obviously they're rare in the US. The seller is asking $3000.00, which I guess could be reasonable if you want to be the only one in your neighborhood, city, state, time zone or maybe even hemisphere with a 1988 Farus ML-929.

Located in Burnsville, MN, click here to see the Craigslist ad.


Blair Russell said...

This car is so obscure, when you search for it on Google now, the first two links you see are to this page in general and this post in specific!

I certainly haven't heard of it myself, and I'd love to know how that car made its way to Minnesota.

.Beto Lopes said...

i'm from brazil and i am actually looking for a car of this model, this series was produced by a family for 7 years, and it ia very very rare. the name is a homage to the owners of the factory: familia russo, or russo family. therefore FaRus. hehehe.
it has a center engine which gives an amazing stability and fun in driving. i'm buying mine for 10.000 of our currency, which is around 4.000. it is in neat conditions, almost new.
if yoi have questions about the car i can answer some. just email me at
hope i've helped!

Marcelo said...

Hello! Brazil here! This is A Farus ML 929, but the year isn't right. I guess this car is 1979 to 1982. His engine is from a Fiat, the 147 model, with 1.3 liters. It was made in Minas Gerais, here in Brasil and it is quite rare even here. It have a central engine, it goes in the middle of the car, what brings a nice stability to it.
It started with Fiat engine, then Volkswagen 1.6 liters, then Chevrolet 1.8, and finally Chevrolet 2.0. I have one, is such a great car! Mine is a Farus TS 1.6, 1983

Graham Clayton said...

Has any other car used 4 engines from 4 different manufacturers?