Friday, July 22, 2011

1972 Oldsmobile Eighty-Eight Royale - Time Capsule

39 years ago it was all about bench seats, vinyl roofs and big engines...

I have a friend who is just crazy about old Oldsmobiles. At last count he had three. A 98, an 88 and one model I can't remember. All of them are pristine. He's had a few others too, but has sold them under the guise of "thinning the herd". The herd stays thin for a few months and then inevitably I get a phone call from him telling me about some car he found that was "too good to pass up".

This one just might get him on a plane to Florida...

There's no real point in writing about performance and handling - especially handling - when it comes to a car like this. The 455 ci "Rocket V8" moves the car at a reasonable pace - given its hefty weight - and the suspension is - as the old blues song goes - built for comfort not for speed.

This car is in absolutely amazing condition. According to the seller, it's a one owner, 23,000 mile car. He says it's sitting on its original H78-15 whitewall tires, which is cool, but a little scary.

I can think of many, many other cars I would buy before this one, but it's really great to see a car like this in this condition. It's hard to believe that cars like this were once commonplace in the USA.

Located in Lakeland, FL, click here to see the eBay listing. (It includes a ton of good, clear pictures.)

PS - Jim, give me a call if you need a ride to the airport!


Anonymous said...

For some reason the thought of getting this car, stuffing it with cameras, dressing like a very old man and driving at 54 MPH in the left lane in the morning rush hour on Rt 128/95 North between Waltham and Bedford appeals to me. Cars routinely hit 80-95 in the morning there. Not me though (wink wink) I know those passive aggressive left lane speed limit folks drive me crazy. It would be interesting to see a video of everyone else’s reactions.


Chris Keen said...

Hmm, that house in the pictures looks familiar... like the red AMC Matador on BaT a while back?

TGM said...

Anon, so your that guy going 54 in the left lane near Bedford! lol, just kidding. Yeah that would be a fun video to watch. All the crudgemudgens yelling "outta my way ya old timer!".