Tuesday, August 16, 2011

1973 Toyota Celica

This car was one of the "Weekend Quickies" back in September, 2010. (See the post here). Back then I wrote, "Some cars just make you say "wow". This is one of those cars." I still feel that way almost a year later.

The Celica has been called "Toyota's Mustang". Like the Mustang it was a sporty car based on parts from more mundane cars. It was available in high performance versions, but in the Celica's case, most were not sold in North America.

Like the original Mustang, they sold well, but few unmodified or tastefully modified cars are still around. This is one of the few.

Most of the modifications done to this car are period correct. It now has a Yamaha designed 2000cc 18RG engine. The Mikuni carbs have been replaced by a pair of Webers. The transmission is now a 5 speed.

The body looks great on this car - especially with the pre-1974 bumpers - and the seller says there is no evidence of it having had any bodywork. The aftermarket wheels are tasteful and look good on the car.

The interior, which is known for not being especially durable, is in amazing condition. The seller doesn't mention whether it's original or has been restored.

Like the original Mustang, these cars are appreciating in value. But again, like the original Mustang, too many were built for them to ever be true collector's cars. This is a car that is meant to be driven.

Located in North Hollywood, CA, click here to see the eBay listing.


R.I.P. said...

This is Toyota's best designed car ever right behind the 2000GT.

rrshadow2 said...

There was just one of these Mazdas For Sale in my area in about the same condtion, my dad took pics of it and gave them to me, I got all excited and called on it but it had already sold, the seller an old lady said it sold in just a couple of days just parked in a grocery store parking lot with a For Sale sign in it