Wednesday, August 24, 2011

1991 Audi 200

You just don't see these around anymore.

The 200 was an upmarket 100 (which was pretty upmarket itself). The 200 came with a turbocharged I5. Many had Audi's quattro AWD system. ABS was standard, making Audi the first car company offer ABS on an AWD car.

Very few of these cars were sold in the US. Very few Audis in general were sold in the US in 1991. Audi was still reeling from the whole unintended acceleration debacle.

This car looks to be in nice shape. It has a rebuilt title and the seller doesn't mention why. The seller also mentions that it has a "cherry bomb exhaust". Why on earth would you put a Cherry Bomb exhaust on an Audi? (Does Cherry Bomb actually make mufflers for old Audis?)

Those two issues aside, this is a car worth checking out. The 200 offers a lot of car for very little money.

Located in Auburn, WA, click here to see the Craigslist ad.


JT said...

You're right, these definitely didn't sell well. I remember my Dad looking at them when new, and the performance diff between the 100 and the FWD 200 just did not justify the price Delta.

In 91, though, the FWD 200 really was the red-headed stepchild, since the 200 quattro got the 20v motor for that year only. It was a total Q-ship.

rrshadow2 said...

a cherry bomb on an Audi? Why Not, I put a flow master on my Bentley hoping to make it sound like my Cadillac, didn't work very well, they spent so much time and money to engineer the car to be quiet, it fights you from all angles when you decide you want it to sound like a Chevelle 454

cynical said...

Didn't a 100 indicate fwd, and 200 awd? I had a 100 turbo in the late 90's. Other than needing 2 transmissions and diffs, and it was a beautifully finished, and driving car.