Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Uno 001 - Mid Engine Saab Powered Sports Car - 1 of 1

I'd love to write more about this car, but until tonight when JaCG reader, Michael, sent me the link, I had never heard of it.

There is a bit written about it on the web, but most of it is in Swedish, a language I can't read. ("Google Translate" is all but useless.)

The UNO project was created some time in the mid 1980s. The idea was to create a Swedish sports car. It was to be built in Linköping, Sweden. But, as a brief Wikipedia article states, "something went wrong". This car, Uno 001, was the only one completed.

The car uses a lot Saab parts, including the drivetrain, which is mounted amidship.

The body looks like a mashup of RX7, Camaro, NSX, and Eagle Talon. Except for maybe the back end (which very vaguely resembles a Fiero I posted awhile ago), there's nothing original about it. The body is steel and it has a steel tube frame.

I can't find any performance figures, but with a Saab turbo engine, I would assume that at the very least it has enough power to get out of its own way.

This car definitely looks like a hand built prototype. The body panels don't line up perfectly and the interior has some lumps that you wouldn't find on a production car.

From what I can gather, this car was either restored or finished in 2009. It would probably be tough to get it into the US. The asking price appears to be 150000 SEK, which equals about $24,000.00 USD.

It's too bad this project never came to fruition. With a little more original styling, this car could have been a modern Sonett.

Located in Trollhattan, Sweden, click here to see the ad on

A few articles (in Swedish) about the Uno 001 can be found here and here.

A big thanks to Michael for sending me the post!


pickles said...

Damn. That's a freaky car! It reminds me a lot of the second Toyota MR2. Not for me but a treat to look at. Thanks!

Marlow said...

Looks kinda like an SC 300 front end.

midelectric said...

The rear 3/4 view looks like the Panther Solo 2, enough so that I wonder if they used the dies.

Just A Car Geek said...

This is from an e-mail sent to me by JaCG reader, Christopher...

Apparently this chap thinks fairly highly of his efforts.

He doesn't give much in terms of details, body by, specific engine, # of cylinders, gearbox, etc. but says it has 175 HP, which sounds like the (earlier than about 2000) Turbo 4.
He references a magazine article dated 1989 that speaks of Saab's dalliance with thoughts of producing a mid engined sports car.

It's listed in Trollhättan, which is SAAB's headquarters, and where I picked up my drive-away Saab, so he just might work at the factory in some capacity..... if they're currently
issuing paychecks these days.

Sweden doesn't allow much in the way of modifying existing cars like our hot rod culture. I'm not even sure they would allow some of the wheel packages that are popular here.
I've never seen any vehicle with any form of lift, as in a jacked up pick-up truck. They fully inspect EVERY automobile annually for every aspect of road worthiness.

It has been registered as road worthy by Sweden's governing inspector's office. He has photos of engine compartment as it is fitted with a cage and mounts, which look to be of a professional nature. It's unique in Sweden....... not so much here.