Thursday, September 22, 2011

1969 Holden Monaro HT GTS - No Longer Listed on eBay

Sometime before midnight last night, the listing for the Holden Monaro I featured yesterday was pulled from eBay.

eBay never says why they pull a listing, but based on the comments on the post and the bunch of e-mails I received, it was pretty obvious; the listing was a scam. Or, as Australian JaCG reader, Dave, wrote in an e-mail, "That Monaro is a total, total fraud!" Dave sent an e-mail to eBay pointing out many of the problems with the listing. In fact, Dave believes there is something fishy with the OLX ad JaCG reader "JT" uncovered. Dave wrote, "The price on the OLX site says $9000. That’s an appropriate price for 2001, however that car would change hands for about $37,000 to $45,000 Australian now, I reckon."

I've always said that JaCG was not about selling cars, but just a little cyber car show. If a car is very unique or interesting, I'll post it, irregardless of the price.

But, I know from comments and e-mails that some people do bid on or buy cars that they saw first on Just a Car Geek. I encourage anyone buying any car sight unseen - whether they see it here or elsewhere - to exercise due diligence before plunking down their hard earned money.

What's great about the Just a Car Geek "community" is that there are people like "JT", Dave and others who take the time to research and write, maybe preventing someone from making a big mistake.

Thanks, guys!


Colin Dayton Stacy said...


Anonymous said...

man I thought my posting on the previous monaro blog gave notice of its scaryness....with links to values...where's my medal? hee hee....

it was one of the most obvious naughty listings I had ever seen...

my reference to "it wouldnt even buy a wreck found in a creek is no joke], I ve seen such for sale on ebay here for that price and twice that just to recover the tags [did they sell....not sure]as literally nothing else was recoverable. To turn a downspec 6 cylinder into what many Aussies consider the grail of holiness.[equivalent falcons limit offending others...hee hee]

cheers rusty [from downunder]

Just A Car Geek said...

Rusty, I owe you an apology. I should have mentioned you in this post.

It was past midnight when I wrote this post. I was a bit tired and your warning slipped my mind.

Thanks for the contribution!


Anonymous said...

Good post, but David, you have use the word "irregardless". Head shake.

Anonymous said...

no worries dave...

sorry.. cheeky bugger am I having to ask for a medal....hee hee....

But I have always been flabigasted as to why our Monaros and Ford Ho's and our Val Chargers reached giddy price heights a few years ago [circa 2007], thus making a rusted out creek find as expensive as what a base model of these should be worth in restorable condition..

I reckon value wise a base model 6 cylinder version should only be worth $20,000 rough but usable to $30,000 in usable nice condition [not restored] yet because of the Bathurst thing prices can be anywhere upward of that for these base models too....

those who paid rediculous prices for those Bathurst models [and some bathurst lookalikes or replicas] i think are now rather "penny upset" due to the loss of value..more so for the Ford Ho buyers.

this I dont attribute to just the bad ecconomic times now, but to cashed up baby boomers at the time just busting to spend their hard earned retirement money on something..anything with seemingly tangible value but loads of panache. Good luck to em', nice to see toys taking front place instead of boring investments. Sure some of these cars raced at Bathurst and there is a tribe of wannabee racers here that want to relive this by buying said cars too. Why not?

But perhaps it's a case more of.."what am i gonna do with this retirement money?"...let's see "I'll buy a toy, an expensive toy, a toy I couldnt afford back then when I was trying to get my "company" happening."

As great as these cars are [yes i like/love them for their sleek styling [they look like a shark] but I am not a V8 man so have never covetted muscle cars for their power ] ...they truley just started as a shopping car for mom and pop..sure the monaro was a sporty looking shopping car...but a shopping car was its beginings none the less.

Before this in Australia, American cars were sought after and Aussie muscle is more sought after and more expensive...not a bad thing but not to the extent that it did become in those heady Auction days...

Maybe we can blame the classic car auctions who at that time were just beginning to develop further than they ever had before in our history, they were really making themselves known at that stage...such fervour cannot be spread without a messenger....enter the age of the classic car auction......glitz and fanfare and an anticipation of artificially "value added" worth. Classic cars were now true investments they told us....and some of us believed it.

And others were lucky to unload for big dollars. Winners. Perhaps now the cars are more affordable to more people...not a bad thing as these appeal to a lot of Aussies....great for now..but that will just start the upward price cycle over again as more people bid against each other.hee hee.

I like that aussie cars have come of age...but the crazy prices dont reflect its appeal..these were cars of the everday Aussie....lets hope they can remain affordable to those Aussies so we can see them on the roads.

cheers Rusty [from downunder]

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