Monday, September 12, 2011

1974 AMC Javelin AMX - My Muscle Car of Choice

If the car gods came to me tonight and said "We're giving away muscle cars, which one do you want?", I'd say, "I'll take a 1974 Javelin AMX". They would then most likely point and laugh at me and tell me I was crazy. I know this because that's what my friends do when I tell them that I really want a 1974 AMC Javelin AMX. I'd take one over any Mustang, Camaro, Firebrid, etc., anyday.

AMX stopped being a stand alone model after the 1970 model year. It became the top of the line Javelin. It came with a 330 HP, 401ci V8. The AMX has a different grille, a turned aluminum dash (it was an applique), AMX badging and a few other pieces to distinguish it from the standard Javelin.

AMC was a tiny company and - most likely because of that - their muscle cars weren't taken as seriously as those from GM, Ford and Chrysler. The Javelin was very successful in racing however, winning the Trans-Am title 3 times in the early 1970s.

1974 was the last year for the Javelin. AMC killed it to use the production line for the Pacer. (They killed the Javelin to produce the Pacer. Good grief.)Approximately 28,000 Javelins were sold during its final year, of which just under 5000 were AMXs.

This 1974 Javelin AMX was in storage for 22 years and has a documented 65,000 miles on it. The body and interior are original, but the engine has been rebuilt. The seller includes a 4 minute video with his ad. (You can also find the video on YouTube.) It's not a perfect car, but would make a great driver if you want to keep it original and not spend the money on a full restoration.

I would love to own this car. (Feel free to do whatever the cyber version of pointing, laughing and calling me crazy is.)

Located in New Bern, NC, click here to see the eBay listing.


Max Power said...

It is not surprizing at all to me as that you love oddball imports (as do I and probably most of the readership here on on the blog), that you would love an oddball muscle car. I too have always been a fan of AMC and heck, I would LOVE to see the retro-new AMC cars that were designed for an April Fools joke by Hot Rod magazine a few years ago.

That said, why the Javelin AMX as opposed to the stand alone two seat AMX from 68-70? Then again, I actually loved the later Hornet, Concord and Spirit based AMX's which were just complete dogs (and the one year only Concord based one was my favorite)

Marlow said...

speak of the devil....

TGM said...

I totally agree with JaCG on this one. Javelins rock. I have owned several Camaro's, Firebirds and Mustangs from the 70's and would also prefer the Javelin. My 70 Javelin SST handled and drove much better than any Mustang or Camaro I owned. I still regret selling it. AMC really did it right with the Jav.

midelectric said...

When I was a kid there was a house down the street that had both a red Javelin AMX and a blue genuine AMX 390.

I still remember the one frigid winter morning the Javelin was warming up, the huge rear tires chirped on the 1-2 shift just lazily pulling away from the stop sign next to my bus stop. It was Rad, to use the lexicon of the times.

Mike P said...

And it has Keystone Klassics! When was the last time that you saw a set of those? When I was a teenager, those and Cragar S/S's were the bomb!