Saturday, September 3, 2011

1984 Saab Speedster Prototype

I love it when readers turn me on to cars I never knew existed...

I got this very interesting e-mail last night after posting the UNO 001. The UNO 001 was not the first attempt at a modern Saab sports car. Just a Car Geek reader, Inaki, sent me these pictures and text...
Hi, my name is Inaki. I live in a town called San Sebastian which is located in the Basque Country (north of Spain) close to the French border. I 'm a big fan of automobiles and read your web which I love and always amazes me the cars that appear.

I 've seen in your site the photo and information of the UNO 001 model with Saab structure and I was reminded of another Swedish model car very peculiar made by Saab. So I couldn't help myself and had to send you its photo.

It's a Saab 900 speeder prototype of the year 1984. It was developed by designer Leif Mellberg in collaboration with the Swedish car magazine "Teknikens Varld". It's based on a trimmed "Saab 900 Classic" model.

It's a unique showpiece in the world and its owner is a french ex-racing driver called Vincent Villanueva who is also one of the founders of the Saab Oficial concessionaire in the city of Bayonne situated in the south of France in the so called French Basque Country.

This car is exhibited in this concessionaire for everyone to see.

It's license plate is registered in France, to be precise in Pyrènèes-Atlantiques department, nº 64, and if you look closely it shows a "W" which indicates that this car is able to be driven provisionally in France.

There are several proposals to purchase this car by Spanish and French collectors but the owner refuses everyone of them.

The photo was taken by myself in the car concessionaire one day I went to Bayonne.

I do hope you enjoy the pictures and that this could be the beginning of a good friendship.

By for now, Inaki

You have no idea how much I would love to own this car.

Inaki, thanks for sharing this!!


Max Power said...

Re those Scirocco Mk II taillights? Nice concept car...Saab should have made that

Mircea R. said...

this just made my day !!!

pickles said...

Max, I think you got it. I was first hedging on 320i lights but you're right. That is a SWEET car. Weird/Saab/Right.

Matt Cotton said...

It's really nice, SAAB could have had some success with this!!

Maxichamp said...

Kinda like an Italdesign Aztec, no?

Jon said...

Nice find!