Thursday, September 15, 2011

1992 Maxton Rollerskate. Rotary Powered. One of 50.

Kind of strange... I'm not a big fan of kit cars, but this is now the second one I'm posting this week.

Unlike yesterday's Myers Manx SR, this is not a body that you bolt on to an existing frame. This car has its own box-tube chassis. According to the Maxton website, it was engineered by Ben van der Linden, SCCA's Vice President of Engineering.

The body is fiberglass and looks a lot like what you'd get if a Lotus mated with a Bugeye Sprite. The suspension and brakes are a combination of Ford, Mazda and specially built parts.

The best part of the Maxton is the engine. It uses Mazda rotary. Maxton claims that with a 180 HP engine, it will hit 60 in about 5.5 seconds.

Maxton sold roughly 50 cars. This one is #12.

This car has a rebuilt built Mazda 13B engine with a Dellorto sidedraft carb and racing headers. The seller says it puts out 200 HP.

The seller has owned this car for the past 7 years. He says it runs well, but is a little "fluffy" at low RPM. (A term I've never heard before.)

This Maxton has just 1,428 miles on it. The Buy It Now price is $18,000.00. Considering that the Maxton cost $19,500.00 new - and you still had to install the engine - that seems like a reasonable price.

Located in Florida, click here to see the eBay listing.


Blair Russell said...

Oh, I remember seeing this very car on sale earlier in the year and it was mentioned on sites like Jalopnik and Bring A Trailer but it obviously didn't sell. I think the car looks pretty cool, personally; however, I don't have a spare 20 thousand on hand so even though I'm a Floridian don't expect me to purchase the vehicle.

Sean said...

This is the same same car that was on BAT back in May. The asking price is $1000 cheaper.

rrshadow2 said...

I love how some people think just because they have an odd car it must be worth a fortune! put a price on it around $3,500 and You'll sell it!

midelectric said...

I remember MotorWeek built one of these back when they came out and then gave it away, I wonder who won it?

Anonymous said...

Here's a 1993 Maxton

has a 12A and 1300 miles for < $15K

condition looks about similar