Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Another Skoda! A 1959 Skoda Felicia Project

Last week I posted a Skoda 1000MB. I thought that would have been it for Skodas for awhile, as there just aren't that many in the US. Wrong-o. This one just popped up on eBay.

This is a 1959 Felicia. As I mentioned in the 1000MB post, Skoda had a small dealer network here in the US. This is probably a car that was sold through one of the dealers.

The Felicia was, for all intents and purposes, a convertible version of the Octavia. It's a front engine / rear drive car. The engine is a 1089cc 4 cylinder. By small, inexpensive car standards of the day, it was well equipped, comfortable and well built. Skoda built around 15,000 Felicias from 1959 through 1964.

The seller says he found it "during a garage clean out". (I helped a friend clean out her garage this past weekend. We didn't find any Skodas... Some guys have all the luck.) The seller says the car was given to the garage owner's son by her late husband in 1974. The idea was to get him interested in classic cars. The son worked on the car for about 3 weeks but then lost interest. The car has remained parked and untouched for 37 years.

This car has a lot going for it. It's relatively solid, with just a few minor rust holes. The engine, which has a pair of air cleaners that look like weapons, "turns freely". The seller has most, if not all, of the car's emblems. He also has the original jack, hand crank and tool kit pieces.

This car has a lot going against it, too. It is missing the "seats, inner door handles/window handles, parking light lenses, tail light lenses, inside rear view mirror, and some bumper parts." That stuff is not going to be easy to find.

This would be a great project for someone with a rusted Felicia with a good interior, or for someone who has the patience to track down very hard to find car parts from Eastern Europe. I hope someone takes it on.

Located in Bristol, CT, click here to see the eBay listing.


rrshadow2 said...

I sure hope that car finds a good home, would love to see it restored or even just put back on the road, might be a challenge finding parts for it, but not impossible, I sure my my 1985 Skoda 130 Rapid that was my daily drive from 1991-1998, One of my several smuggle across the border from Canada adventures

Anonymous said...

looks good project, perhaps better than my three felicas in Australia...

alas due to health problems I am selling all my skodas..3 felicias, 2 octavia combis,2 octavia sedans parts cars, one 1202 Combi owned by the Czech consulate here in Australia [featured on this fine blog a while ago]

Skodas are rare enough in Australia but were sold here so parts are not that difficult as there was a dealership originally.

The Felicias are certainly the prettiest of the Skodas...but alas I have too many cars and health that means I can no longer work on them...so here is my spam. Aussie Skoda buyers goggle around you'll probably find my listings [although the Felicias have not been listed]

PS.. dear Just a car geek...I once referred on Bat that you beat them to an article on a car...they promptly removed my posting...you must be ruffling feathers?????

cheers Rusty

rrshadow2 said...

I think those BAT guys kinda have a little bit of Attitude, dunno why they think they're so special, I think it's funny they got annoyed

Anonymous said...

hi mate...the later rear engined skodas seem to be very popular here with the skoda club/register guys as i think it wasnt that long ago many were using them as daily drivers like your self, it seems those who had them as daily drivers loved them,and as such still have them.

I fell for the Felicias as I was performing at a Skoda rally as a piano player/singer and was given a ride in a mates Felicia, before that swore I wouldnt get sucked into skodas [was into too many other makes], after the ride in the Felicia i ended up with around 13 front engined Skodas but never had a rear engined one.

Blair Russell said...

Well, maybe it's just a rule that the BAT has about mentioning other sites; I don't think that's a good rule if that's the case, but alas...

I don't really give a darn when they talk about street cars that someone turns into racing cars, but otherwise they usually post interesting vehicles, the type that we'd enjoy; in fact, sometimes automobiles appear both there and here, and I enjoy looking at both here and there on a daily basis.

As for this vehicle, I don't have any particular comments on it, except that hopefully it can actually be restored to former glory.

Anonymous said...

yep it didnt bother me too much but I was just casually mentioning it, basically I was surprised when they did it, I had been enjoying both sites for a long time.,

I do have a soft spot for Just a car geek because [to my surprise] they featured my 1202 skoda [ironically i saw it almost a year after they poosted it, i think] basically I think its oddness grabed them [because it has 2 doors on the right and one on the left]

...I felt this site enjoys the quirky more...of which is generally my speed, being I have micro cars and orphan cars.

but both sites have interesting stuff , yes overlapping but sometimes not.

cheers Rusty