Friday, October 14, 2011

Jeep Viasa - Abandoned in Spain

I'm still a little under the weather (I have what I've not so affectionately dubbed "the plague". The only good thing about it is my respiratory system is so blocked I haven't been able to smoke a cigarette in 3 days. Who knows? Maybe the plague will finally force me to quit smoking.), but I wanted to post something.

Iñaki is a Just a Car Geek reader from Spain. He sends me pictures of some of the incredible cars he finds when traveling around Europe.

This is another great find...

From his email:
In 1963 Jeep Viasa launched a SV van into the spanish market which was totally designed in Spain and without any equivalent in the range of the USA Jeep manufacturer. It had a good number of variations in its bodywork: paneled van, mixed van for passenger use or cargo, microbus, pick up...... and it has, of course, 4x4 traction.

The "Toledo" variation is the glass window version for passengers.
In the front you can see the Jeep brand printed on the metal.
From what I could see it was totally abandoned.

Very, very cool!

Thanks, Iñaki!

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Jon said...

While this vehicle may have been designed entirely in Spain, I can still pick out some Brooks Stevens DNA in the finished product.