Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Reader Submissions: 1968 VW Fastback, 1963 Volvo 544

Just a Car Geek reader, Matthew sent me some info about two cars he's selling. Both cars are in amazing shape and priced accordingly...

1968 Volkswagen Fastback - VW launched the Type 3 cars in 1961. The first was a 2 door coupe. It was a more "upmarket" car than the Beetle, but retained the rear-engine layout VW was known for. In 1962, VW introduced a station wagon version (known as the Squareback) and in 1963, the Fastback. The Type 3 was the first VW passenger car to feature the "pancake" engine.

Matthew states that this "black /yellow plated 1968 VW Fastback Type III has spent its entire life in California and until recently brought to Northern California to complete the restoration project."

He went on to write, "Original mileage reads 81,000 on the odometer. There is not one thing that doesn’t work on this vehicle. Some but not all that have been done are a repaint in the original color and body repair, no rust, new body trim molding, fender beading, front bumper, bumper guards, (2) hubcaps re chromed and trim rings polished, interior upholstery is redone, and carpet set in great shape, dash repaired and reconditioned, the original headliner has (2) minor imperfections, turn signal relay switch and brake light switch replaced, gas tank overflow tube, vacuum line air cleaner to breather hose replaced, rear shocks, tail light seals and the tires have great tread left."

I don't know if it's a regional thing, but suddenly I've noticed a bunch of nicely restored Type 3s driving around my area. This one, priced at $8996.00, isn't cheap, but it's one of the nicest I've seen.

Click here to see a Photobucket album with 36 pictures.

1963 Volvo 544 - The 544 was an upgraded 444. The major differences were a different dashboard, windshield and taillights. The transmission was a 4 speed as opposed to the 3 speed found in the 444. In 1962, the 544 got Volvo's B18 1.8 liter 4 cylinder engine and a 12 volt charging system.

This 544 has been slightly modified. Like Matthew's VW, it is in incredible condition.

From Matthew's email:

"This 1963 Volvo 544 Sedan has spent its entire life in Southern California and until recently brought to Northern California to complete the restoration project."

"Included with the sale is a very complete history with service receipts. Everything has been gone through and there is not one thing that doesn’t work on this vehicle. Some but not all that have been completed are all wheel cylinders, brakes, some minor dents repaired and painted, no rust what so ever or what little there was has been repaired, hubcaps, the new supple tan leather interior is exceptional with a brand new head liner and carpet set, the dash pad is repaired and reconditioned, the steering wheel has been professionally painted a faux wood grain and the dash board are from a 1950’s 444 (I have the original if wanted), with new modern instruments and speedometer sensor and cable, the original radio has been changed from AM to FM, even the black/yellow license plates have been refurbished . The original B18 engine was reinstalled (after a B20 engine was poorly installed) and has had a major tune up including valve adjustment, (125 # in each cylinder), duel carburetors, a new/used 4 speed manual transmission, battery, alternator, new body trim molding, chrome, rubber gaskets, steering rod replaced, rear main axle outer/inner seal, service wheel alignment, pitman arm replaced, muffler hangers. The body repaint has a good shine and the tires have great tread left."

At $15,500.00, this is not the cheapest 544 you can buy, but it might be one of the best.

You can find the Photobucket album for the Volvo here.

Both cars are located in Northern California. Send me an email if you're interested and I'll put you in touch with Matthew.

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