Thursday, November 3, 2011

1976 Customized Mazda Cosmo

Ahhhhh! I have electricity and heat again.

I live in Western Massachusetts. We get a blizzard, maybe two, each year. Other than a week or so in January or February when the temperature doesn't go much above zero, that's our only real weather issue. This year it's been a tornado, a hurricane, a little rumbling from an earthquake and this weekend's nor'easter. What the hell? What's next? Plague of Locust?

My BMW took a tree limb across the trunk and through the back window. Arrggghhh. Maybe I'll replace the BMW with an RV and spend the rest of my days following nice weather patterns. I could write a Just a Camper Geek blog. ;-)

Power went out on Saturday. I got mine back yesterday, but I have friends who are still without power and may not have it again until this weekend. I could be in worse shape, I guess.

As you can imagine, going without electricity, heat and having limited cell service (a tower must be down) has me playing catch-up.

This was sent to me by Jon, a friend and JaCG reader. To save a little time, I'm going to quote from the seller's ad.

This is something I've been working on for a while. I was hoping to get the paint/body work finished before I sold it, but I don't have the time to get it done anymore, and need the money. I've put hundreds, maybe even thousands of hours into this car, and I hate to sell it, but I have many more important things to work on now, so this is what has to go.

The car is a 1976 Mazda Cosmo. 6port 13b and 5speed trans from an 88' rx7 (I think around 120k miles), with a Dellorto 48dhla carb. Stock distributor ignition. clutch is a 6puck sprung disc, feels really good for street driving, and bites well for racing.

Car starts/runs/drives great, and is reliable as hell, but I'm sure you could get better mileage and power out of it if the carb were re-jetted (also it should be much better at sea level... car is at 5000 feet elevation now). No OMP so you need to run premix. Has factory 3.7 rear end with disc brakes, diff is welded solid. Also has factory power steering, which doesn't work great. A SPAL pusher fan on the front of the radiator is controlled by a thermoswitch and keeps the car right at 180 to 190 degrees, even under full throttle. Has custom true-dual exhaust, with 2 catalytic convertors, and 2 mufflers. The car has an 8 gallon fuel cell (with foam) in the trunk - the stock tank was rusted bad and this is what I could come up with. AN lines supply the carter fuel pump, and I ran a new supply line to the front of the car up to the Holley FPR. The only bad part is the fuel level gauge doesn't work - but I still have the sending unit so I'm sure you could rig it up if so desired.

Suspension is all custom:
Fronts are coilovers- shortened front strut tubes with Koni yellow shocks, wrapped in 385 lb springs. custom machined bump steer spacers from T3, and shortened steering knuckles give great steering response, and also has lots of steering angle.

Rears are also koni yellows, lower mounts have been moved so they won't bottom out. springs are 325 lb coils, cut to length. I have an extra set to go with it as well so you can raise/lower to your desire.

No sway bars, but i have the stock front one if you wish to install it, just no brackets for it, but honestly the car rides great as is. Has great balance near the limits. the springs are stiff enough that it feels good (even with no sways) but its not uncomfortable to drive on the street. wheels are 14x7 0 offset, "5 slot mag" style wheels. Fronts are dual pattern drilled to 4x120, rears have spacers to convert to 4x4.5. I think I also have stock steel wheels I will include. Tires are pretty much completely bald and need to be replaced.

The interior is not great... dash is pretty cracked, seats are bad, and door panels need to be replaced. Everything else is there and in great condition. I also have a cover on the dash and seats (the dash one is not in the pictures). I will also throw in a Corbeau baja seat with a bracket/sliders for the passenger side if the buyer wants. the lower half of the rear seat is great but the upper part is torn - I think it looks cool with the Mexican blanket thrown over though. It has working power windows, and the heat works great as well.

The body of the car has a little rust. A bit has been repaired and the rest was all sprayed with a rust preventative (all this before I got the car 4 years ago). Its very straight for the most part. there is a slight dent in the pass side door, and a very small ding near the fender - I sanded both of these areas to bare metal last week, but haven't had a chance to Bondo over them. Also, the corner of the rear fender well is rusted through. the drivers side is in great condition. NO noticeable damage. The whole car needs paint as its 30 years old and faded and has no clear left at all.

This car is a project, for sure, but much of the tough stuff has been done. The cost of the parts are well worth the price of the car.

Located in Boulder, CO, click here to see the Craigslist ad.


Blair Russell said...

Hey, welcome back!

At least looks-wise, I greatly prefer the previous generation (i.e. first) Cosmo to this one.

Mike Harrell said...

Sorry to hear about the tree branch. A few years ago my carport succumbed to snow, collapsing onto two of my cars. Fortunately the damage was relatively minor.

December 2008 Snow

Glad you're back.

Max Power said...

Dear Mother Nature,

Please find it your way to stop harassing us with weather here in the Northeast as it is seriously fouling up my daily blog reading. Where else am I going to find information on the pristine 1978 Fiat 128 3P Sport that is for sale or take a virtual spin ina 1990 Yugo Cabrio?

I have no issue in temporarily shutting down sites such as Edmunds or (since the configurator is awful) with hail or however you see fit. Thank you


Max Power

R1326 said...

Glad we are finally getting things back to normal in the Northeast. Rough time last week, and happy to see you blogging.

The Cosmo was interesting to drive. Recall we test drove a "Two door RX-4" in 1974 (was that a Cosmo in Europe and Japan?) which performed well. Chose a 1974 Renault 17 Gordini because of the front wheel drive and convertible-type sunroof.

Could be a fun drive.