Sunday, November 13, 2011

1988 Range Rover

Nope. I haven't given up this blog.

I've been trying to catch up from the business I lost when my store was without power for 5 days after the freak snow storm we had in late October. (This blog is a labor of love. If I were a young hippie I might be naive enough to believe I could pay my bills with love. Unfortunately, I'm a middle age guy and I realize that I need money.)

I'm also spending a lot of time looking for something to replace my BMW, which had a chunk of tree fall through it during the same storm.

This Range Rover is really tempting. Really, really tempting.

But, I'm not looking for a second car at the moment, I'm looking for an everyday car. A 23 year old vehicle that gets around 12 - 14 MPG just won't fit the bill.

When it comes to SUVs there is nothing cooler than an old Range Rover.

This one appears to be in overall nice shape and reasonably priced. It's about a 20 minute drive from my house. I know nothing about the dealer. That's probably a good thing. Dealer horror stories get around pretty quickly, but few people talk about their good experiences. When it comes to car dealers, silence is often golden.

If anyone one reading this is SERIOUSLY interested in it, email me and I can take a look at it in person for you. (Be aware though, if it turns out to be really, really nice, I may just ignore the poor gas mileage and expensive maintenance and buy it for myself!)

Located in Chicopee, MA, click here to see the Craigslist ad

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Anonymous said...

Either the dealer or I are color blind. The interior color is grey, not tan which is actually a very good thing. The price is very reasonable if most things work and the suspension is good.