Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Citröen Ami 6 Break (A Couple of Pictures From Iñaki)

Iñaki is a Just a Car Geek reader from Spain. In his travels around Europe he finds and photographs some of the coolest old cars. He occasionally emails some pictures to me. I'm always psyched to open his emails.

I recently received this from him:

Hi Dave,
It's Iñaki from Spain here again.
Last Sunday the 27th of November I found a Citröen Ami 8 Break in San Juan de Luz (France). It belongs to another french surfer who uses it to travel about. On the car's roof he has built a kind of an iron rack to put his surfboards. This is a car made in the early 70s. It still has the old french car plate (black colour) and it belongs to the Pyrénées occidentales (Nº 64).

Hope you all enjoy the sight!
'till later.


Thank you, Iñaki!!


Trevor said...

I wish there were more of those in the US.

Danone said...

Hi Dave, I'm a regular reader from Europe and I really like what you do. Just one correction about this car: This is Ami 6, not Ami 8, made in late 60's I think. Ami 8 had more 'conventional' look. Cheers!

Just A Car Geek said...

Hi Danone - Thank you! You are correct.


Romain said...

So people just send you pictures they have taken of such cars? Why didn't have I think about doing this myself?
I used to take lots of pictures of unusual cars when I was younger, I'll see if there is something worth mentionning here.

Romain said...

Oh and the district's true name is "Pyrénées-Atlantiques"

Just A Car Geek said...

Absolutely, Romain. Sometimes I post the pictures here, other times I'll just post them on the Just a Car Geek Facebook page.

Pictures of older cars that were never available in North America always seem to generate the most interest.


Anonymous said...

Hi friends,
You are right, it's an AMI 6 and not the 8 one. I didn`t have a real look to the back lights that, as you correctly said, are the old ones; the 8 ones are more modern.
And, yes, nº64 is oficially "Pyrenees-Atlantiques" department.