Sunday, December 25, 2011

1960 Moretti Spyder

You know what I'm thinking, right? This is a rare car that should be saved.

I hate seeing cars like this in this condition. I can't find any exact figures, but its safe to say that very few of these were built.

Moretti had an interesting history. They started out in the 1920s building motorcycles, switched to cars in the 1940s. They remained in business until the mid-1980s. They built all sorts of styles of cars and trucks. For the first 35 years or so, they were powered by engines designed and manufactured by Moretti. (You can find out a bit more about Moretti and see some photos of their other cars at

This Spyder (and the similar coupe) were sold in the US for awhile. As you can see from the ad below, the price was $3000.00, which was about $500.00 more than a Fiat 1200 Spider and $500.00 less than an Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider.

OK, I know. This car is most likely too far gone to be saved. Hopefully its parts can be used to keep another Moretti alive. (The seller says he "may have more parts that go with it in a few days." He also says that he has a 1957 "Alpha Romero" for sale. Ugh.)

Located in Sacramento, CA, click here to see the eBay listing.

PS - I swiped the scan of the Moretti ad from a seller on eBay. If you'd like to buy it you can find it here.


EcurieEcosse said...

Hi there again
If you (or somebody, just anybody) had some spare time and the possibility to use a fair bit of money over a few years, the Moretty shouldn't be impossible to restore. I agree totally that this is a too rare car to slaughter. And the parts wouldn't be that good replacements for another Moretti anyway :-)

Sean SL said...

This is a lovely car. I've seen worse brought back to life. It would have been better to have the dohc version.