Thursday, December 1, 2011

1963 Volvo 122S - This Could Be A Genuine Bargain...

The Volvo Amazon / 120 cars are the cars that gave Volvo their reputation for building tough, dependable cars. In an age when 75,000 miles was about all you could expect to get from a car, the Amazon / 120s would easily double that mileage (and more) with very little fuss. (These cars were only called Amazons in Nordic countries due to an agreement with a German moped manufacturer who was using a similar name.)

The Amazon / 120's styling was done in-house by Jan Wilsgaard. It takes some styling cues from 1950s American sedans.

The engine is Volvos unexciting, but unbelievably durable B18 engine. (This is the engine that is in the world's highest mileage car, a 1966 Volvo P1800. That last I knew it had over 2,500,000 miles on it!) In the 122S it puts out about 85 horsepower.

The seller says he inherited this car from his great aunt and uncle. It has recently had brake work done and a tune-up. He says it "runs, but inconsistently". The body and interior look to be in very nice shape.

The asking price for this car is just $1800.00 and the seller is willing to take a "reasonable offer". If this car is as nice as it appears to be, it's a genuine bargain.

Located in Flagstaff, AZ, click here to see the Craigslist ad.

A big thanks to Jon for sending me the link to this car!

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P said...

@Dave -

That 1966 Volvo P1800 you mentioned is still running and still racking up incredible mileage. The owner's name is Irv Gordon, and as of this fall he has something like 2,925,000 miles on the car. The dual-carb B18 was rebuilt twice - once at 680k miles, and once at 2.7 million.

He hopes to turn 3 million by the end of next year.