Thursday, December 22, 2011

1989 BMW 325iX - The All Seasons E30

BMW sent us less than 3000 325iX cars from 1988 through 1991.

It almost seems like BMW only created this car to show that they could create this car. It's as if they just wanted to show the world that Audi wasn't the only German high-end car manufacturer who could build AWD cars. They spent very little time or money promoting it.

The ironic thing is, they created a car that in many ways was better than Audi's 90 Quattro. In a 1988 comparison test, Road & Track wrote: "Once again, the BMW AWD system proved superior to the Quattro arrangement."

The one big downside to the 325iX was rust. BMW put some body molding around the wheels and over the rocker panels. These tended to collect water, salt,sand, etc. One of the very common places for rust is just behind the front wheel wells. Other than the rust issue, these cars are as basically bulletproof as any E30.

This 325iX looks to be in nice shape. The seller say the body has one small ding, but he doesn't mention rust. Looking at the pictures, I can't see any in the usual places. The interior looks good, although the seller says it has a cracked dash. The seller says the car runs rough, and that concerns me. He attributes that do a leaky exhaust, which is possible, but it's also possible it's from something far more serious and expensive. This is a car you should check out - or have a knowledgeable BMW mechanic check out - thoroughly before bidding on it.

This is a no reserve auction. Even if the car needs more work than just a new exhaust system, you may be able to buy it cheap enough to justify spending the extra dollars on it. The seller is also offering free shipping for up 1000 miles.

Located in New Paltz, NY, click here to see the eBay listing.


Harv said...

What a cool car. Rare color and a 2 door to boot. The other thing that's speaking to me is the "comfort" interior. I think these all had sport seats. But I could be wrong. Also a 5 speed isn't super common in these ether.

A wonderful car that you can drive daily, enjoy the vintage BMW community, and buy parts locally.


MisterTwo said...

I almost guarantee its the #6 intake manifold gasket. in the M20B25 cars they love to drop a section out.

rough running is 99.99% of the time a very simple and cheap problem to fix on the B25 cars.

B27s on the other hand, sheesh.

vanilla said...

Harv, sport-seat-only was on the 1988 model. But you're right on the color: I've never, ever seen an IX in light blue. Makes me think that this one may be a respray. It looks fantastic, either way.

Mr.2, I'm not sure why an m20b25 intake gasket would be any different from an m20b27, cost= or effort-wise?

vanilla said...

hmm, now that I see that double-pinstripe down the sides, I wonder if this isn't original paint. the interior is an odd color, too. Original buyer spent a lot of money on this car.