Monday, December 26, 2011

Datsun PL411 - A Pair in Arizona

Nissan Altima, meet your great-great-great grandparents.

Sold in Japan as the Nissan Bluebird, they evolved and were sold in the US as the Datsun PL411, 510, 610, 710, 810, Stanza and ultimately, the Nissan Altima.

Back when these were new, Japanese cars didn't have the reputation, following, or dealer network they enjoy today. Comparatively, not many PL411s were sold here.(Roughly 45,000 Datsuns - all cars and trucks - were sold in the US in 1967. To put that in perspective, Opel, who had just one model - the 1967 Kadett - managed to sell 51,000 cars here. Volkswagen - selling just rear engined, air cooled vehicles - sold approximately 450,000 vehicles in the US in 1967.)

Low sales and a propensity to rust - like most cars from the 1960s - make these cars difficult to come by these days. This Arizona - and presumably rust free - pair is a nice, unusual find.

Honestly, I have no idea which one is the 1966 and which is the 1967. (Nissan / Datsun fans, feel free to chime in here.) Both have nice bodies (the body was designed by Pininfarina, by the way), but need some mechanical work. A quick Google search turned up a number of parts sources for these cars, so restoring them should be too much of a chore.

These may not be the most exciting old Japanese cars you'll ever drive, but they are a piece of history and would be a hit at any car show. The asking price is a realistic $1500.00 for the pair.

Located in Glendale, AZ, click here to see the Craigslist ad.

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Unknown said...

Ate these still available? If so please call me at 775-527-5014.I had a 67 411 in SanDiego.