Thursday, December 1, 2011

A Whole Lotta Ladas

This guy has 4 Ladas for sale on eBay. Each listing has a message to email or call the seller, but no other information. They're located in Oregon...

1994 Lada 2108

1986 Lada 2107 (With an automatic transmission)

1994 Lada Niva

1991 Lada Niva (With ridiculous wheels)


rrshadow2 said...

Beware of this guy and his Ladas, I know this guy personally. I sold him the Red 2107 Automatic, it was the parts car for my mint 2105 Automatic that I've since sold, The red car has a bad rod knock so it will need an engine which he fails to mention, he also fails to mention with the Nivas and the Samara that none of them have paperwork, they came in from Canada as parts cars. I DID mention to him the paperwork source in Vermont and he may or may not have taken my advice, but I would call his contact number and ask Lots of questions before Bidding

T said...

The Nivas here aren't legal to register in the USA. They are not 25 years old yet and would not pass DOT approval. Anyone registering one of these would need to lie about the year (make it 1987 or older) just to get it titled. This seller is pretty stupid selling cars that should not even be in this country on eBay (not to mention trying to sell for big money as none of them met the reserve).