Wednesday, January 11, 2012

1966 Alfa Romeo 2600 Spider - A Little Eye Candy For A Wednesday

Throughout most of the 1960s, Alfa's 2600 cars were the top of the line Alfa Romeo.

There were 3 different body styles; sedan, coupe and a 2+2 convertible. As was common back in the day in Italy, the bodies were designed by different companies and shared few parts. The sedan was done in house by Alfa, the coupe was from Bertone (Zagato built a stunning 2600 coupe, too) and the Spider, like this one, was from Carrozzeria Touring. Around 2200 Spiders were built between 1961 and 1968.

The 2600 was not considered a success in its day. People expected crisp handling sports cars from Alfa Romeo. The 2600 was more of a touring car; fast and luxurious.

For many, many years, you could buy a 2600 for relatively little money. Not anymore. As people begin to appreciate the 2600 for what it was, the prices have risen dramatically.

This car has been restored to a nice standard. As I write this it has 27 bids and the price is over $40,000.00, with over 4 days to go in the auction.

Located in Santa Barbara, CA, click here to see the eBay listing.


alfaguy said...

These are beautiful and (until recently) under appreciated cars. Personally I prefer the looks of the earlier 2000 roadster (same car, smaller engine 4 Cylinder engine) although essentially the same body, they are some subtle styling differences.

As the price of vintage Ferraris have gotten out of reach, these cars have appreciated in value greatly.

This particular car is missing the chrome rocker trim, so it makes me wonder what else is not 'correct'.


Bill said...

Hood scoop trim missing as well, and I did not look at eBay yet......
Bill Giltzow

alfaguy said...

Re Bill's comment about the trim on the hood scoop, initially I thought this too and was going to comment on it, but wasn't 100% sure that the 2600 roadsters had trim on the hood scoop.

Giulia's did.

I checked a few of my Alfa reference books, the photos in those do not show trim on the hood scoop.

They also show the carrozeria touring badge on the lower part of the front fender and not the hood, as in the car pictured. Seems to me though that I've seen those in both places.

I'll confirm both of these tomorrow by digging out a factory brochure.


Anonymous said...

One of my neighbors has had one of these on blocks in his garage for 30 plus years. Very pretty cars.