Friday, January 6, 2012

1967 Simca 1000 Coupe

These are neat little cars.

The 1000 Coupe was designed by Giorgio Giugiaro, who was then with Bertone. The 944cc engine is no rocket, but if given enough time and the right conditions, the 1000 Coupe could do over 80 MPH. The suspension was fully independent and the handling was typical of early sixties rear engined cars.

Simca produced around 10,000 1000 Coupes, but relatively few found their way to North America.

This Simca was purchased from an auto repair shop by the son of the seller. His plan was to put a Suzuki motorcycle engine in it. Fortunately, he never got around to doing that. Unfortunately, the Simca engine is seized and most likely needs a rebuild.

The body is not too bad. There is some rust, but given that it's from the Northeast, it's not too serious. The seller says the floors and the jacking points are solid. The interior is dirty and needs some work, but it looks to be complete.

With so few Simcas left in North America, it would be great to see this one brought back to its former glory.

Located in Mount Kisco, NY, click here to see the eBay listing.


Jon said...

Nice find... one of my favorites!

Bill said...

Oh what a cutie. Much better to put a twin cam Fiat into it. With a 5 speed Porsche T-axle. Or if you could find a stray Abarth 2000 engine/trans combo, that would Bolt right in! Abarth TC2000 brakes are a bolt on too. This is close enough to home I want to look at it. If another JacG reader from far away wants a personal exam, give me an email and we'll try to do something
Bill Giltzow

rrshadow2 said...

Call me Crazy but I've always wanted a Simca 1204 sold in small numbers through Chrysler in like 1970 1971 said...

Did it sell and would you mind saying what you got for it. I had a 1965 for 4 years in Lexington, KY. I sure do wish I had it now.