Thursday, January 5, 2012

BMW 7 Series Alpina Touring - A Mystery Car In France

I love a mystery and I love a cool car. (Throw in dinner with an attractive woman and a Bacardi & Coke in front of a fireplace and you've pretty much described a perfect day for me. But, I digress...)

This car was sent to me by JaCG reader, Romain. His knowledge of the French language is better than mine, so I'll quote from his email...

Been reading your blog for a while now and I just stumbled on this cool ad which I thought might interest you.

It is in French but here is what I can tell. The seller calls it a BMW 7 Series Alpina break and claims the break bodywork was done by some garage "du Bac"... He also claims that is was used as a "demonstration and race assistance car", not sure what this means.

The car is 82000kms which is not too much but the engine is said to have only 20000 kms. Is it still an Alpina engine then? Doesn't tell. Oh and it is "full options".

Now, you could use some of your knowledge on this because I am not really sure what is "Alpina" about this one. But being a 7 Serie break is already an interesting fact.

I did a bit of research and found very little.

Anyone know what we're looking at here?

One of Romain's friends thinks it might be the car pictured below.


I assume it is for sale, but no price is listed.

Located in Yerres, France, click here to see the ad on


The Nomad said...

There were some BMW racers entered under the name "Garage du Bac" back in the 70s-80s. I wonder if there's a connection in there somewhere.

vanilla said...

C-pillar is the same as the rear of the car. Looks like a custom fab job to me.

Romain said...

Me again! I did a bit of research too and me too found very little about this car. "Garage du bac" is a name of a group of bmw retailers in Paris that used to be the official Alpina retailers back in the days. I guess they did the transformation themselves from a plain Alpina E23 B9.
According to this link ( The wagon cars on the pictures is a special prototype made by "Garage du Bac - Paris", a special french Alpina importer, but they did not receive the authorization to continue this idea. The wagon has been used as a delivery and support car for F2 and stock races in France. It is 50kg heavier than an ordinary saloon and has a 245bhp B9 engine. The top speed is 235km/h.

Al said...

As for "Break" I assume that means "Shooting Brake" which is English for Station Wagon.

Bill said...

"break" is common French for station wagon.

Jon said...

Et Voila... cut and paste these links:

Larger photos from a Russian site...