Sunday, February 19, 2012

A Poem From Peter...

This is great! This email arrived this morning...

My name is Peter DiBiase and I am in the 3rd grade at Kittredge Elementary School in North Andover, Massachusetts.

I love cars, and my dad has a 1988 BMW 325ic (convertible). I also love to draw cars, read about them and even write about them ! I am attaching a poem I wrote in school about a race. I hope you enjoy reading and publish it too ! (I am a big fan of your website, and yes ... Dan DiBiase is my uncle! He wrote the story about New Jersey drivers!)

Peter's poem:

“Race Car Show” by Peter J. DiBiase

I’m going to a race car show,
Engines roaring
Gears shifting
Transmissions humming
Lights flashing
Cars bashing
The smell of popcorn,
Waving over the track
I like the blue BMW
No, the yellow Porsche
Wait, the orange Chevy
Can’t pick a car
Doesn’t matter, though
Turn attention back to track
Race is ending
Cars stop crashing
And bashing
Orange Chevy wins
Crowd silent
Seems like I’m
Back in bed
Suddenly the crowd erupts
Into cheers
Fireworks spray into friendly
Driver climbs onto car
Throws something
Sails toward me
I catch it
It’s a signed paper on a rock
I wave thanks
I feel all happy inside and can’t wait
Till next race

Thanks, Peter!

When I was 9 I was writing about cars and drawing them, too. (My dad worked for GM. At around Peter's age, I would write all of my ideas about what types of cars GM should build and give them to my dad, hoping he'd somehow put my ideas into action. Given the troubles GM went through later, I'm not sure my ideas were all that bad...) I stopped drawing them because, believe it or not, my skills as an artist are even worse than my skills as a writer. You're never too young or too old to be a car geek! - Dave


Dan DiBiase said...

Great job, Pete!

Uncle Dan

Anonymous said...

What a great poem! I loved it!

Quantum Joe said...

Awesome! (Nice car too)

Anonymous said...


Great job! Never forget that racecar spelled backwards is still racecar. When you get older I hope you buy an E30 like your Dad or maybe a 2002.

Anonymous said...

Great poem Peter. Tell your father to keep that car in good shape. It will make a great first car for you!

Jon said...

Great job Peter!

Anonymous said...

preetty solid poem. nice work son. wonder what he's up to these days. 8/10, would like to see more from this young writer.