Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A Really Nice 1967 Renault R10

Just a Car Geek reader, Dan, sent me this link. In his email he wrote: "This looks suspiciously nice for a $5k car..." Yeah, it does. But, the seller leaves a phone number and an address, so my thoughts are that this is a real ad.

As I mentioned in a 2009 post, the R10 was touted by Renault as "the Renault for people who swore they would never buy another one." Renault's US reputation took a beating with the Dauphine, and the R10 was meant to win back buyers.

All thing considered, especially when realizing that it was meant to compete with the VW Beetle, it wasn't a bad car. But Renault's reputation, which it could never really shake, along with its relatively small dealer network meant that the R10 never really stood a chance against the Volkswagen. In 1967 Renault sold 21,219 cars in the US. VW sold 454,801.

This car looks to be in incredible condition. The seller doesn't mention if it's restored or original. He does say you could drive it home. (If home is say, west of the Mississippi, you might want to think twice about that, however.)

Located in Cape May, NJ, click here to see the Craigslist ad.

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rrshadow2 said...

Hell yeah!! Nice to see one of those alive and well, I took my driving test in a 1967 Renault R-10. It wasn't my first car, that was a 63 Austin Mini, but I have fond memories of the R-10. It was soon followed by several R-16s a few years later