Tuesday, March 6, 2012

1975 Renault R5 5TL - Not A Le Car

Yeah, I know, Bring a Trailer got to this car before I did. But, I suspect that the percentage of Just a Car Geek readers who like R5s is higher than that of BaT's, so I'm going to do a short post about it anyway.

This is an R5 5TL, not a Le Car. This is one of the many variations of the 5 you could buy in Europe. The obvious differences between this car and the Le Car are the bumpers (non-federalized), the headlights (we didn't get rectangular headlights until 1980, and even then they were just sealed beam units and not flush with the front end), the seats, the wheels and the engine (we got a federalized 1397cc engine, this has a European 956cc engine.)

Of all the different versions of the R5 you could buy in other parts of the world, this is one of the least exciting. I'm surprised - and very impressed - that someone took the the time and spent the money to bring this one here. While I love the Alpine and Turbo versions of the R5, it's nice to someone paying attention to a common R5.

This car is in truly amazing condition. I doubt there are many R5s / Le Cars anywhere in the world in this condition. (Hey, Sandee - How is yours coming along? )

The seller has a Photobucket album with over 85 pictures on it. It's well worth checking out. You can also take a "virtual test drive" via a YouTube video he posted.

This is a great car and a great eBay listing.

Located in Sherman Oaks, CA, click here to see the eBay listing.

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