Wednesday, March 14, 2012

1994 Audi Cabriolet - A Great Looking Older Audi

I've always liked the looks of the B4 Audi 90. I've driven two modern A4s in the past year and thought they were nice cars. However, if I had a choice between a clean A4 and a clean 90, I'd take the 90, just because of its looks.

The Cabriolet is, for all intents and purposes, a B4 90. It uses the same platform and shares many parts. Audi chose not to include "90" in its name and just called it the Cabriolet.

Audi discontinued the B4 90 sedan in 1995 and replaced it with the first generation A4. However, they continued to sell the Cabriolet until 2000.

The Cabriolet is everything you'd expect a convertible from a high-end German automaker to be. It's fun to drive, solid and loaded with creature comforts. It is one of the few convertibles that looks as good with the top up as it does with it down. The interior, especially the dashboard, are about as good as it gets. Nobody, then or now, does interiors quite like Audi. The one big downside to the Cabriolet is that it was never offered with quattro.

The V6 engine is powerful, but isn't as exciting as a BMW inline 6 or, most certainly, the Alfa Romeo V6 of the day. Still, it gets you up to speed in a hurry.

The B4 90 cars, including the Cabriolet, don't seem to rust very badly. Even here in New England you'll still see original rust free cars on the road.

Electronic things can be a problem on older Audis. Expect some switches to fail, things like that. The 2 most serious issues with the 90 are head gaskets and failure of the automatic transmission. Keeping the cooling system clean and functioning properly will prevent head gasket failure, but there's not much you can do about the transmission. Some last forever, some fail fairly early. There seems to be no rhyme or reason. They are incredibly expensive to replace.

This Cabriolet has just 65,464 miles on it. The seller doesn't leave much info, other than saying it runs smooth and is clean inside and out. One of the pictures shows what looks like a crack in the windshield.

Located in Naples, FL, click here to see the eBay listing. (And maybe, just in case you forget what country you're living in or want to lead a parade someday, you can get the dealer to include the flag with the car. What's up with that?)

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