Friday, April 27, 2012

1974 Ford Falcon XB Ute - A Mean Looking Aussie Here In The US...

I don't know enough about this car to do a long post, but it's too cool looking, too unusual in North America, not to write something about it.

The Australian Ford Falcon started life in 1960. It was essentially an Australian built version of the North American Falcon. With each passing year, changes were made that made the car more and more Australian. By the time this one was built in 1973, it was uniquely Australian, as Ford had discontinued the Falcon in North America.

According to a few websites, the first versions of the V8 XB Falcon came with a US built 351ci V8. Later cars came with a detuned, Australian version of the same engine.

As I wrote in the opening paragraph, I know very little about these cars. (Australian readers, feel free to add info in the comments section.) This one has "Super Roo" decals on the fenders. Super Roo was a trim package offered on the Falcon, but I don't know, other than the stickers, what differentiates a Super Roo from a regular Falcon.

This is one mean looking pick up. It is much more aggressive looking than the Ranchero GT Ford sold in the US during the same time period. The front end, with its twin driving lights and powered bulged, NACA ducted hood, has a US muscle car look to it. (The seller calls the hood a "NASA bonnet," not "NACA." Unless that's an Australian term, it's an amusing typo. Wouldn't you have loved NASA to have built space ships with a hood with hood scoops? "Uh, roger, Houston. I'm going to pop the hood and check the oil before we re-enter the atmosphere. I've got a quart of 10/40 in the back in case we're a bit low. I'm going to check for space dust in the air filter and scoops, too.") It would not be much of a stretch - based on its size and specs - to consider this sort of a Mustang pickup.

This is an unrestored Falcon Ute. It's in very nice overall condition. The seats could use a little work and it has some rust on the rockers and lower front fender. All-in-all it's a pretty easy project.

Being right hand drive would disqualify it as a daily driver for me. (I'm a wimp, I guess. I like to see if there is oncoming traffic before I pass the car ahead of me.) But, if I had the extra cash, and had fulfilled a few of my other - longstanding - car fantasies, I'd buy this in a heartbeat, just to bring to Ford shows. It would most likely get more attention than any other car there.

Located in Ventura, CA, click here to see the eBay listing.


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